A dying man in an intensive care unit decides to take his fate into his own hands.

Depressed and bored, a young technical support worker forms a connection with a customer during a late night service call, which grants him a newfound sense of hope and courage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris S (jp) wrote: The Studio Ghibli documentary is now available for streaming on Netflix!

Kristian G (au) wrote: Enjoyable and funny but too short and that ending wtf

Zachary D (es) wrote: A strange attempt at using multiple Lovecraft stories to craft an epic. Falls flat in most respects, but a fantastic villain chews the scenery and keeps things interesting.

Andrew P (au) wrote: Good action but too many cliches especially to Armageddon and Speed. =? Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Nicolas E (ca) wrote: A nice documentary on 2pac. From the beginnings to the end.

Brian K (nl) wrote: i didn't know this was a real movie.

Ruben A (es) wrote: i saw this during the summer of third grade (not ten years yet *phew*) horror was a thing i HATED HATED HATED till october 20somethingth 7th grade when i saw halloween for the first time and became...but this review isnt about halloween. its about this camp fest. i missed the first story. i saw bobby a few minutes before they began playing hide and go seek...that scared me. then i saw that stupid doll thing. i hated how she kept going back to check. its like if i shoved it in the microwave (no clue if she did that) id leave and never come back. let some other fool deal with it. but the stupid bitch kept going back. and in the end yea she gets possessed cause she throws him in acid and guess what the bitch does? go on guess....she opens it and looks -_____- as stupid as it was it freaked me out. now why would i watch this? only an idiot wouldnt be able to tell trilogy of terror 2 is a horror movie. well that summer was a horror fuelled summer. family friends stayed over and me and the eldest daughter (waaaay older than me) would watch horror movies. also i had other family friends who came over nearly every single day. and their mom loves horror movies. it was funny cause the friends who lived with us the mom watches any movie but always thinks their stupid and (not to be racist) everyone was black. so imagine watching a movie where an idiot keeps looking to see if a killer doll is dead with two middle aged balck women. whom by the way are great friends. you get a ton of laughs with "no girl dont look in there *doll come out* i told you i fucking told you!"then following "why the hell we even watching this? its stupid! the dumb bitch gonna get her stupid white ass chopped up by that ugly ass doll!"classic xDif you took the time to actually read that bit of my life, thank you, it means alot to know someone is actually somewhat interested(,:

J K (br) wrote: Is this guy hugging a turkey?????? I think I'd rather stay impoverished than take a photo of myself getting all cozy and lovey-dovey with the Thanksgiving dinner.

Guy D (ca) wrote: ?? ???? ?????? ? ??? ???? ?? ?? ??????? ????? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??????? ? ???. ????? ?? ? ? ???? ???? ?????? ? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???? ????? ???? ??? ? ??? ???? ?? ???? ? ??? ?????? ? ????. ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? "??" ??????? ????? ? ????? ???, ???? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ? ????? ??????? ??? ? ??? ? ?? ???? ? ??? ??? ? ??? ????.

Michele S (gb) wrote: Removing 1 2/2 stars for seeing it in French; only version I could find here. Otherwise, gorgeous!!! Really fun, twisted story -- nothing new or surprising, but absolutely worth seeing.

D S (nl) wrote: Not the greatest work from Abbott & Costello, but still silly enough to be pleasantly entertaining.

Andrew D (ca) wrote: Enjoyable UK film with good storyline.

Jabari P (es) wrote: This movie makes me wanna go roadkill. I rather watch the cartoon.