Supreme Champion

Supreme Champion

SUPREME CHAMPION is a fun, sexy, stylized and fast paced fight action thriller about honor and courage featuring eight world class mixed martial arts champions.

Stephan Bonnar is Troy Jennings, a mixed martial arts superstar, whose girlfriend is kidnapped by ex-fighter Lucien Gallows. In a desperate attempt to rescue her, Troy must challenge eight fighters and face Gallows in a fight to the death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Supreme Champion torrent reviews

Michael P (us) wrote: great movie.. scary as all hell

Mike L (au) wrote: I liked the mood and the tone and the actors were all pretty solid. The biggest issue might have been that a vast majority of the story is a little dry and you don't fully understand the point of it all until the last few reels.

Pete S (de) wrote: There's lots of pretty people frequently naked, but overall there's noting to really connect with here. Spread is a nice attempt at something, has potential, but ultimately doesn't live up to it.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Good film, I just have to wonder why a premium cable channel chose to air it new when federal judges have overturned the Moslem ban.

Kaden I (gb) wrote: Really bad overly polictally correct show that supports communist radicals who killed innocent people. Ff I took control over the show I would make the good guys be the bad ones and the guy from die hard to defend us from them

Ryan M (fr) wrote: One of the best football movies ever made. Period. Jon Voigt is so perfect as his role as Coach Kilmer and the surrounding cast is fantastic. 'Varsity Blues' does a great job depicting a small town who lives for football. It does a great job of demonstrating what football is like in general and the levels for the love of the game. One of the few times I can say...well done MTV, well done.

Markkyle R (es) wrote: Pretty awesome this film

Logan M (gb) wrote: I didn't absolutely despise it, but with its stiff chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, uninteresting and generic alien bad guy, and cardboard thin supporting characters that are used for one or two scenes then immediately discarded, "Men in Black" rubbed me the wrong way in so many places.

Chris J (de) wrote: One of Walter Hill's lesser known but better overall films is a interesting take on the film noir. Great cast especially Freeman as a seedy Cop. Rorke plays a disfigured crook named Johnny Handsome (Rourke) who does a robbery with a friend only to see his friend get killed and then take the rap for the botched heist by two lowlifes who murdered him (Henriksen and Barkin, both effectively intense). After some goon tries to finish him in prison, Johnny winds up in the hospital where a sympathetic doctor (Whitaker) reconstructs his face, gives him a new name and job. Johnny uses this to exact revenge. Moody, somber and at times jarringly violent.

Brad G (au) wrote: Two boys (and a whole town) succumb to the dark curiosities of Jonathan Pryce's demonic carnivale; thankfully old papa Jason Robards is there to battle wits & wills with evil. Something Wicked This Way Comes is a fascinating Disney adaptation of the Ray Bradbury classic jolting he audience with magnetic turns from Royal Dano, Diane Ladd, and Pam Grier. But this flick is all about Robards and Pryce in that mirror maze; Robards has perhaps never been more badass than when he's staring into his mirror of regret--a definite must see for fans of Cable Hogue. VF.

Orlok N (de) wrote: Harry Palmer is at it again!!

Ben H (br) wrote: Can't be compared with the original but on the same level of greatness for a lad banter film. Much better than the sequel

steve (it) wrote: When it comes to giallo I am used to ppl like Argento, Lenzi, Bava but never heard of Dallamano before watching this movie! Considered as one of the best giallo, I was somewhat anxious to watch it and what a surprise it was. Everything about this movie is great, the acting featuring a young Camille Keaton, the plot and subplot (although there is some plotholes), the red herrings, just everything. The only thing this movie is definitely missing is the red stuff. The way the ppl are kill in the movie should defintely have had more blood but other than that it's a good movie but the blood and gore is replace with lot of nudity and nice 70's hairdo ;o) Wish Shriek Show would release the sequel to this one called What Have They Done To Your Daughters. Recommend to any fans of good giallo!!