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Guillaume B (kr) wrote: Bad Movie. Not a laught. Terrible sounds!

Karen H (us) wrote: 2016-01-16 lots of science fails, implausible, stereotypical characters.

Dave A (kr) wrote: What if everything you believed, and thought you knew, was wrong?When everything you know if turned upside down there is one absolute truth: it sucks to be a slave. Slaves are at the bottom of everybody's food chain. This is an ambitious film. It wants to tell a grand ambitious spic story. What it comes down to is disillusionment. Rachel Weisz's Hypatia and her slave Davus face disillusionment. Each one of the characters in the film face a certain disillusionment toward what they once believed. Davus is a tragic figure; he really seems to be trying to play both sides for the heart of Hypatia, a love he can not have. If this were just a story of a woman philosopher - that would be enough. But it's ambition is to tell a period story 360 degrees, instead of from just one point of view. This is a film that tries to tell a story of both science and religion as faith.

Eitan G (ag) wrote: You've misspelled 'succumbs' on your overall review for this movie. May want to fix that.

A A (fr) wrote: Bitter-sweet and patchy.

MyFriendAli (fr) wrote: Pretty Sad Movie, but loved it!

Adrienne R (ru) wrote: I liked this film, it was sweet. It was nice to see a lesbian film based in the Indian community. It is a nice reflection of life and the challenges faced day to day. Spiced with some nice humour. Great to see Madhur Jaffrey in a film too.

Ryan V (es) wrote: Unfunny on every level. However, it's not quite as bad as its sequel. Yes, it actually got a sequel.

Michael P (br) wrote: this movie is all sorts of amazing. not only a dramatic portrait of why unions were needed in turn of the century italy, but also a delightful humanist portrait of italy's working classes. lots of heart, drama, and laughs. watch it (and bring it to DVD!!)

Judge L (ru) wrote: With McTiernan back at the helm it could only get better. Hard to believe it has been 20yrs since I first saw this one.

Lynn H (ag) wrote: It's a good thing that critics' reviews have very little impact on my desire and subsequent decision to see a movie at the cinema! After seeing the trailer, I was compelled to see _Dracula Untold_ as it warranted a viewing on the big screen! I enjoyed this version of the story of Vlad III immensely; it felt the most authentic and more closely aligned with historical accounts and Romanian folklore! Accustomed to watching 2+-hour movies, some of the scenes felt a little rushed as I would preferred a lengthier development of some of the storyline and supporting characters... Nevertheless, I liked the artistic liberties taken (which is rare occurrence for me) during the direction and production of the movie! The musical score complemented the scenes well, the cinematography and CGI effects (especially Prince Vlad's transitional relationship with the bats) were impressive, and Luke Evans was emotively convincing in his portrayal of his character as well as serving as a smoldering sight for sore eyes! As far as I'm concerned, _Dracula Untold_ is definitely worth viewing at least once, and in my case, several times via encore presentations!

Steve G (jp) wrote: I thought it had potential at first but it ended up being really stupid. The only salvation was the tits. It was just so 'surface' and cliche. I didn't give a shit about any of the characters except for the grower. Horrible acting, just really painful to watch for the most part.

Ramen C (fr) wrote: Solid B movie: Runaway Train meets Agatha Christie's Muder on the Orient Express.

Daniel V (mx) wrote: The first movie to feature Hong Kong's Three Brothers, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. They grew up together as members of the China Drama Academy and went on to star in, co-direct and co-produce movies together over the next decade. This was Jackie's first mega-hit. He had seen some success in Hong Kong in get late 70's but this former member of Bruce Lee's stunt team hadn't achieved the worldwide star status he was looking for. After a few failed attempts at superstardom in Hollywood, Chan returned to Hong Kong and brought back the slapsticking martial arts that almost always gets him broken and almost dead type of film that made him famous in HK. I love Jackie, his happy is infectious and I just love to watch him work. He has such good chemistry with Sammo, that I wish they're professional relationship lasted longer. In no way is this movie historically accurate but why does it need to be? Lots of laughs, lots of fights, lots of fun.

Enid B (ag) wrote: El extra dedo del actor me distrajo...

David G (mx) wrote: Sucks in every department. Bad casting, bad writing, over the top action, terrible dialogue. Feels like a b-movie straight to DVD than a Jurassic park movie. Three of the main actors are sitcom actors or comedy movie actors( Chris Pratt, jake Johnson, nick Robinson ) plot was stupid and so many plot holes. Just didn't seem believable at all. Jurassic park movies have always been about characters first and dinosaurs second. If your human characters are shit then how can you engage in the story