Sur le rythme

Sur le rythme

This is the story Delphine Lamarre, a young woman trying to focus on the way to dance rather than focused on her university studies. It will pass through trials and consequences facing choices.

This is the story Delphine Lamarre, a young woman trying to focus on the way to dance rather than focused on her university studies. It will pass through trials and consequences facing choices. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tm C (ca) wrote: Ah gawd. This is the horriblest thing ever. Boring, predictable, bad acting, bad effects...the only remotely redeeming quality is that the woman saves the man at the end.

jarrad b (mx) wrote: Nice little horror flick. I was really confused about the lady who stuck her head in a pot of water to not be seen or heard of again, or the digging up of graves which wasn't finished. But not a bad watch.

Justin B (jp) wrote: Rob Cohen directing Tyler Perry as Alex Cross; WHO THE F*CK THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?

Ziyi P (ru) wrote: the story is a bit too complex in parts and im still not sure what went on myself *shrugs* but definately entertaining and some good fight scenes!

Tara H (kr) wrote: A fine British film with an excellent cast. The 70s setting was utterly convincing. I particularly liked Tom Hardy and Mark Strong's performances. Like Le Carre's novels this movie is a bit dry, but well-crafted nonetheless.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A mercurial sexpot travels the country making bad decisions with the wrong men and occasionally ruining someone else's life for little discernible reason.Jolene's voice over, which is the epitome of lazy storytelling, paints herself as a victim throughout the film's contrived events, but I found little pitiable about Jolene despite the almost charming naivete with which Jessica Chastain plays the part. In the end, I wonder what the point of Jolene's story is. Is the message about male cruelty or the ruining of an innocent? It's hard to make this case, especially after Jolene's lesbian jaunt.Overall, I found myself confused about why I should care about this character or what the filmmakers wanted to say about her.

Stephanie A (jp) wrote: Christian Bale is such a great actor. I just didn't care much for this one though. He was the only reason I even considered watching this movie. The way he went out was instant karma....

Alvaro G (us) wrote: Muy buena pelcula.

Dane P (ag) wrote: Once you understand the point of the film........ Yep it ain't so badTom Greens intentionally revolting disgusting film as it proudly advertises itself to be. It wears the 5 razzie wins like a badge and even the dvd is littered with terrible critic reviews. Its incredibly hard to get through but it does its job accordingly. "How stupid can a movie get and make it into theaters?" Is this smart? Showing how far an envelope be pushed? Yes it definitely is smart while being incredibly stupid.This movie is super original you've NEVER seen anything like it.He intentionally wanted to piss off anybody who watches it. Piss on the critics piss on his audience. So is it good or is it bad... Neither its just incredibly unique. This isn't what people want to see its very unappealing. That's the message they end up telling at the end of the movie that anything is possible, anything can get greenlit no matter how warped your movie is people will still watch it.Holy crap..... This movie is.... not bad. Though what it represents is better than the film itself. There's movies that try hard to be tasteless and stupid but this one goes full out. I can't say its that funny but its strangely puts the point pretty clear and is intriguing on how out there it is.

Taylor G (es) wrote: Maybe the best movie I've ever seen. Perfect cast with perfect comedic timing. Christopher Guest at his best.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: While a long and sometimes slow film its a great concept and I think one of Robin's finest performances.

Andrey B (de) wrote: Emotional drama from Adrian Lyne with his favourite themes of love and feelings. This time with young Harrelson and Moore and great Robert Redford. True love can overcome even the hardest obstacles.

Grant S (au) wrote: Fairly average war movie. Acting is wooden, plot is very conventional and one-dimensional.Some great WW2 dogfight footage though, and action shots of F6F Hellcats and F4U Corsairs.

Andreas O (de) wrote: What you'll remember most clearly is the blatant stock footage of the eyes from Halperin's earlier movie, White Zombie. Well, that and some acting that is stiff even for the time, and certain views and opinions that haven't aged that well. Otherwise, it's quite forgettable.