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In Montreal, on the same day that a policeman shot twenty-one children, killing eleven, without any reason, the successful writer Thomas Roy amputates his fingers and tries to commit ...

In Montreal, on the same day that a policeman shot twenty-one children, killing eleven, without any reason, the successful writer Thomas Roy amputates his fingers and tries to commit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlene R (gb) wrote: Didn't know that was Donny Osmond, he was fantastic!

Naomi R (mx) wrote: good humor and action!

Kenny N (fr) wrote: No stars. SHIT. That's all I can say about this movie is that one word in all caps. Don't watch for any reason at any time, ever, PLEASE!

brian h (gb) wrote: Star Wars is a fantasy more believable than what James Toback gives us with this movie. A shallow two-timing cad is finally caught when his lovely and savvy girlfriends surprise him with visits at the same time. Rather than beating him to a pulp or trashing his beautiful loft, they intellectualize his duplicity with an emotionally deflated confrontation that suggests 'ludes rather than passion. Blue balls are his worst punishment and he is ultimately exonerated by the circumstance of his Mother's sudden demise. Still an excellent ensemble of actors accept the challenge of this ridiculous plot and distract us from the naked absurdity. They alone make this a film worth seeing. Robert Downey, Jr. infuses the cad with energy and intelligence that can only come from someone delusional, as is his history. Natasha Gregson Wagner is great, as well. I could almost forgive the contrived ease with which she scales a fire-escape because of the brashly savvy manner in which she dispatches a sleaze-ball on the street. Upper-body strength, no; chutzpah, hell yes. Heather Graham's performance is, at times, sharp but her character's introspective intelligence should rise to rage rather than wallow in shallows of vague annoyance. She teases him rather than eviscerates him. She is Toback's dream come true. Downey is remarkable. From spouting Shakespeare to improvising entire scenes his staccato delivery and incendiary delusions make it impossible not to be totally absorbed by his character. The scene in the bathroom was beautifully shot (Toback's only real achievement) and entirely unscripted. Credit goes again to the actors for their sense of the moment and the way in which they use the physical dimension of the mirrors. Downey's cathartic break-down in the end is as real as you will ever see. If this farce makes sense to Toback it must be because he pays his hookers scale and his actors with points. His name should be removed from the credits. It was the actors that gave this film its life.

Plain C (es) wrote: Such a sick film. over the top gnarleyness mememalicious. Stop what you're doing and watch this amazing film.

Grant G (it) wrote: True To The Show's Comedic Nature!

Robert B (ag) wrote: The movie "Jaws" teaches us that you can take a low budget movie fraught with trouble and turn it into a masterpiece with good editing, believable audio and memorable characters. When it comes to the horror genre, I am a forgiving man, but "Cruel Jaws" could very easily be the winner of my Worst Movie of All Time contest. I have seen some low-rung movies, but this one sinks right to the bottom of the sea and gets crapped on by a shark. This is seriously terrible series of moving pictures. what makes it the worst is that they actually STEAL FOOTAGE from the other Jaws movies. All of them. Plus a couple other movies. They also throw in the Star Wars theme song. Yes. They do that. But wait! There is more. They rip off characters, dialog and plot lines from the Jaws movies and they don't even bother to try to hide it. The whole movie looks like a poorly lit 80s porno movie without the sex. My jaw was on the floor the whole time due to how bad this movie is. This turd cannot even be released in the United States of America, or the movie makers will be sued. I really enjoyed the hell out of this terrible thing. Yes, I did. I recommend you gather some friends and some adult beverages and enjoy this one. The reason it was fun is because it is so bad. They at least tried to make a shark for the movie and the lameness only adds to the funny. Also, it seems that the people making the movie were in on the joke. Like "Ninja: The Final Duel", you owe it yourself to watch this knowing full well what you are getting into. Press play and enjoy, if you can find a copy.

Private U (ca) wrote: One of the best martial arts films EVER made. Ringo Lam at his finest.

Gene C (nl) wrote: This is a great horror flick...

Gary C (de) wrote: I am utterly amazed that only 52% of the 'critics' liked this movie. I just watched it again for the first time in years and still find its high quality to be timeless in nature. Who are these 'critics' and why do they exist?

Dean M (ru) wrote: This tense, gritty World War II drama is heaven for action fans and a riveting performance by Steven McQueen. Director Don Siegel was at his riveting best, drawing the viewer into the claustrophobic, nightmarish atmosphere.Filmed in stark black & white, Siegel's film succinctly captures the fatal brutality of war, in terms perhaps not as graphic, but every bit as effectively as Steven Spielberg would do some thirty-six years later with his monumental film Saving Private Ryan. There is good dialogue with the GI's - Bob Newhart is real funny.

Martie H (ca) wrote: Absolutely fabulous. My favorite movie of all time. Man v nature along with development of seemingly unlikely friendship. Fantastic cinematography.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Don't get over-stimulated with me.Victor Marswell and Eloise Kelly believe they are going to be a couple and married; unfortunately, Victor's life on a wildlife reserve in Kenya does not fit Eloise's lifestyle so she tries to leave. Meanwhile, a couple arrives with a stunning woman as the bride. Victor falls for the pride when Eloise is unexpectedly forced to return to the camp. Things get very hairy for Victor. "That could be the remark of a lonely man.""Could be."John Ford, director of The Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Searchers, Rio Grande, Young Mr. Lincoln, and Mary of Scotland, delivers Mogambo. The storyline for this picture is fun but not as dramatic as other Ford masterpieces. The acting is fantastic and the cast includes Clarke Gable, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, and Donald Sinden."Now we are the villains."This was recently on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and I had to DVR it based on the remarkable cast. I did enjoy the character interactions and the love plots and subplots. I do strongly recommend seeing this once if you're a fan of the classics, even if it isn't an all time masterpiece."I guess girls are a little more conservative up your way."Grade: B-

Kate M (de) wrote: Fluff and fun fluff to boot. Some good lines too and you gotta love Owen Wilson, funny even when tiny like a Roman.