A thriller about a missing Indian bride set in America starring Sanjeev Kumar

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Suraag 1982 full movies, Suraag torrents movie

A thriller about a missing Indian bride set in America starring Sanjeev Kumar . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (nl) wrote: Had potential, but squanders it.A movie set in a small Texas town, near the border with Mexico. Followsa few characters in their dull, everyday lives, and how they are allaffected by the presence of the Border Patrol.The movie had heaps of potential, especially with regard to the issueof illegal immigration in the US. How this affects race relations,especially with Hispanic people, was also a great possibility.However, while it touches on these issues, there is no real, or atleast thoughtful, examination. The movie might as well have been set inthe middle of the US in an all-white community it was so superficial.The setting is really just a vehicle for a random, pointless plot (andI use the word "plot" very broadly here). The conclusion is quiteimpactful, but it almost doesn't have a context, what goes before is sounfocused.Many of the scenes are there just for shock value, but you expectnothing less from writer-director Larry Clark (director of Kids, Bullyand Ken Park). Dialogue often consists of long monologues, telling some tale of personal woe but with no real context, interspersed with simplistic, pop, cereal-box philosophy. It often feels like you're watching someone being interviewed for a documentary, especially when that someone doesn't really want to be there.Throw in performances that vary from OK to utter rubbish and you havean incredibly poor movie. Some of the performances are among the worstI have ever seen in a movie (and I've seen some of Kristen Stewart'smovies...). Lindsay Jones as the teacher is mind-bogglingly bad.Avoid.

Stephen J (fr) wrote: Quirky. It's all the rave. Aubrey Plaza is quirky. Safety Not Guaranteed is really quirky. It's a quirk-fest. And I think that's why it gets a lot of great reviews. Quirky is in and to be anti-quirky would be quirky. The movie is based on an interesting concept, Plaza manages being good looking and quirky at the same time (a rare feat), and it's an interesting approach to a rom-com, but it's all very...quirky. And for those who love quirky, they'll love this movie. I'm anti-quirky. I'm anti-too long to get to the point quirky. So...that's that.

Doug M (es) wrote: Even though the last half of the movie is caught in a loop, Greta Gerwig is likeable and charming enough to keep this movie, and maybe any other, afloat

Siobhan G (us) wrote: Touching and funny little movie with some really good actors.

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Fiona C (es) wrote: Quite liked this one

Kenny G (au) wrote: I told my friends the set up and basic story and asked them to guess the surprise ending which they did rather quickly. Still, not a terrible movie. Some really good moments but oh so slow and unfocused.

Tomas B (mx) wrote: Not a good movie. I can't stan those american pie scenes, it drives me mad and forces to shut the computeer down. There were even no interesting art scenes as the movie titled suggested. Not worth watching at all.

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Chuck Z (us) wrote: Is that what you wanna do with your life? Suck down peppermint schnapps and try to call Morocco at two in the morning? That's senseless!

Ashley D (nl) wrote: not much worth seeing in this barely held my attention more of a chick flick but even then not a very good one

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Billy G (ca) wrote: The only thing worse than the dialogue in this movie is Eddie's hairpiece. If you're looking for a really bad horror flick with more than a couple chuckles, give this forgettable but mildly entertaining movie a try.

Mark B (ca) wrote: I tried to get my hands on this movie for many years, just to see if was as bad as all of the eye rolling and negative media would have you believe. I may be in the extreme minority here, but I don't care. Taken in the context of what it was supposed to be (i.e. an offbeat take on the old Bing Crosby/Bob Hope road pictures) I thought it was well done and I found myself laughing throughout.Except for a couple of scenes with the blind camel where I had tears in my eyes, it wasn't fall-on-the-floor funny. Rather, it had me chuckling and occasionally laughing out loud throughout. Some of the dialogue is just brilliant, and there are some classic lines delivered so deadpan that not everyone will necessarily see the humor (i.e. C'mon, most musicians would KILL for a gig in North Africa).After seeing this movie, I truly believe that all the negative publicity leaked out to the media prior to its release (i.e. going way over budget, actor/director conflicts on the set, taking way too long to film and produce, etc.) colored peoples' opinions and caused many to not even bother seeing the movie. Beatty himself lamented that nearly every negative review he read focused on the behind the scenes problems to the point where he wondered if the critics actually watched the movie.Again, I'll gladly be in the minority if that's the case, but this was a funny movie and one I will watch again because there is so much attention to detail in the scenes that I just know there's more funny stuff that I missed the first time around. I agree with Beatty's assessment that it's not great, but it's a very good comedy.

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Denise P (fr) wrote: The Lords of Salem doesn't make its historically horrifying throwback to the Salem witch trials quite as comprehensible as it should, but thanks to Rob Zombie's typically stylish work behind the camera -- and his equally talented wife in front of it -- it remains another golden, well-crafted entry into both of their instantly intriguing filmographies.

Atheer O (nl) wrote: Don't bother with this underwritten movie. Watch B13 instead.