Surf Nazis Must Die

Surf Nazis Must Die

When the grandson of a gun wielding woman is murdered by neo-nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, this grandma hunts them down for some bloodthirsty revenge.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   racism,   gang,  

When the grandson of a gun wielding woman is murdered by neo-nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, this grandma hunts them down for some bloodthirsty revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hildie S (ca) wrote: This non-fiction account of the search for the little boy who is a reincarnation of a Tibetan Rinpoche (teacher) made me laugh and cry (and cry..). Powerful and beautiful beyond words - a fascinating look into a complex culture that few of us in the western world have any idea about.

Jackie T (it) wrote: Heartbreaking. :-( Some parts of the movie got me really, really upset. And if a movie makes watchers that upset (involved)... its thought provoking and very well directed & acted.

Jeff P (mx) wrote: A very good dark comedy that plays to the twisted side in all of us. A very fun independent Canadian comedy.

shai l (us) wrote: good but not memorable

Daniel K (es) wrote: 1.5: A disappointment. It can't hold a candle to other visually inventive films such as Sin City in any cinematic measure. The voiceover performances are fairly sub-par and the visuals are less than impressive, even on Blu-Ray. It just seems drab and uninteresting. I like noirs, but this is a poor excuse for a modern reimagining.

Vincent J (es) wrote: Un Pacino vieillissant, un scenario sans originalite.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: another bollywood classic. love the songs especially! but overall a great film.

Rob S (ag) wrote: Jerry Maguire is not a perfect movie in the sense that it is a masterpiece, but it seems difficult to dislike this movie. Despite being rated R for some swearing and sexual content, this movie deals with the notion of family and is definitely easy enough for a child to watch. It is very entertaining while it is simultaneously a touching story about relationships and their importance in our lives.More than anything, Jerry Maguire is a film with heart. It can be argued that it has two protagonists: Jerry and Rod (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) and both seem to need to learn about love. Jerry needs to connect to people, specifically to those who he claims to love, and Cuba needs to learn to play his sport with love and not just for the money. It is brilliant in the sense that Maguire's story and Rod's story are intertwined since the two depend on each other. Maguire is all about making relationships with clients more personal while Rod is all about wanting Jerry to pay attention to his needs. One is the professional, the other is the greedy showboat. Ultimately, they both depend on each other since Rod is Jerry's last client and since Jerry might be the only agent willing to put up with Rod's ego.The film is well-acted, especially by Cuba Gooding Jr., and we like each character for different reasons. The kids in this film are adorable, especially Ray, Dorothy's son, who proves to be funny even though we know he is the reason Jerry wants to get together with Dorothy.Half a sports film and half a romance, Jerry Maguire proves to be fun for a variety of people.3.5/4.0

Robin R (mx) wrote: great comedy.unknown to some.

Michael S Y (ca) wrote: Fantastic incredible film although I will say it is very odd to say the least. Boils are evil... Oh yeah, this film scared the shit out of me at one point...

Christopher P (ag) wrote: great satire of the "hollywood machine" even back in the days of silents.

Christopher H (ag) wrote: This is why "Mr. Bean" was featured in a series of shorts, and not a feature film...until now.

Kate D (br) wrote: A pretty good Perth film - had no idea it was filmed ih Perth until a couple scenes into the movie. But the main character reminded me too much of Heath Ledger...

alex i (br) wrote: It was fairly beautiful to look at but I couldn't help feeling that there was an opportunity missed to tell a very interesting story, this account for some reason felt a bit flat.

Greg W (de) wrote: good look at the crisis in Africa

Ahmed J (gb) wrote: Damn. I knew I had A LOT to say before the movie ended. I obviously jumped to conclusions. Worth a watch, but the pacing was too slow for me and the subject matter is a little different than how I perceived it to be. Regardless, this is too overwhelming not to acknowledge.

Ash K (gb) wrote: Weird and twisted and I surprisingly enjoyed it.