Surja Dighal Bari

Surja Dighal Bari


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Bengali
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Jointly directed by Mashihuddin Shaker and Sheikh Niamat Ali, the film denotes realism in the most unpretentious way like Satyajit Ray's classic Pother Panchali does. Among films that were financed by the Bangladesh government, this was the first to be released. Set in the post World War II era, the movie depicts the eternal struggles of the exploited poor in our country who often become drifters. Rowshan Jamil, Dolly Anwar, Keramat Moula, and Elora Gohar played the major characters in the movie, which received several National Awards. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Surja Dighal Bari torrent reviews

Rich L (jp) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've seen. It's hard to believe the filmmakers had this much access to such a dangerous area. Highly recommend.

Wes S (kr) wrote: One of the more enjoyable RHI Maneater movies. The story is rather good and most the characters are decent. Ending was alright, nothing spectacular.

IMDB p (fr) wrote: It may not be the greatest of sequels, but it's still very watchable. Still captures the atmosphere of working at a restaurant very well although this sequel is only a former shell of it's original self. They do a nice job bringing back some old characters which is nice because the whole point of "Ta-Ta's" seemed pretty absolutely pointless. Much like the first one there really isn't a main plot but to capture the everyday life of servers in the restaurant environment. Except this time there is a competing (but not really) hooters knock off restaurant next door with a new crew. Nevertheless, this movie is about average to above average just depending of how critical you want to be of the first film with comparing it to this one. If you work as a server and found the first movie to be enjoyable, you might as well watch this one. If not, don't expect much

Adam K (ag) wrote: Really sad movie, but at the same time invokes the power of together. The editing was weird as was the dialogue at times, but overall not bad. Sarah Polley was pretty good in it.

Jimmy W (nl) wrote: I have not seen this but it looks that I won't in joy watch it, because it looks like it could have sex or too much violence.

Samantha P (de) wrote: Basically the title of the film says it all.

Nate B (jp) wrote: it was a little creepy, and disturbing but an interesting movie all the same.

Wendy K (mx) wrote: Honestly, I think I am too young to fully appreciate this movie for what it is. It is a beautiful epic love story about three people, their love triangle, and its ill fate... But because their love story is so deeply rooted into China's political history throughout the 1900s, I felt like I wasn't able to fully appreciate the movie the way it should be appreciated... Idk. Perhaps if I was older - or just more educated and less ignorant - and understood the significance of each of the events that happened in the movie, I would have enjoyed this film more. But, that said, all three actors did a friggin' amazing job. Leslie Cheung was brilliant. His character just goes through the story so painfully, his ending was long called for. But yeah. Beautiful story etc., but I couldn't relate to the plot. Oh, and it was really effing long, Jesus.

Stephen M (fr) wrote: I'm sorry, but this movie is an absolute gem! Chock full of classic 80's music, cliches, guys & women. It's fun, light hearted, & incredibly entertaining. I was too young to see this in theaters. But can still appreciate today. Some of the directing of specific shots could have have been much better but it is what it is.

Megan W (mx) wrote: This movie was so great. It is one of my favs now!! I loved the story and the ending was great!