Surkhiyaan (The Headlines)

Surkhiyaan (The Headlines)

Shera lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay along with his widower dad, a retired school-teacher, and is love with his neighbor, Sapna, who he hopes to marry some day. Shera wants to get rich ...

Shera lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay along with his widower dad, a retired school-teacher, and is love with his neighbor, Sapna, who he hopes to marry some day. Shera wants to get rich ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will S (jp) wrote: It really is very old school, very subtle. The mood is still very strong acting than solid. Although some may call it slow, and that this is nothing more than a documentary. Although this is not a bad thing, in my book, you must decide how you feel, Family to promote the plot value. While some things may seem ridiculous to live in the city, this thing does occur. So, although I do not know if it is actually based on something special, it is more obvious, in general this is already happening. A very dark drama, very natural performances enhance the film clearly


Matthew L (nl) wrote: Eugenia's great, given the script. Aaron Paul was interesting, but what a gaping black hole - though I understand the Ecuadorean guy's shyness centers the film, his character becomes dead weight toward the middle, such that his heroic save seems less so at the end.

Barbara J (fr) wrote: Entertaining...but I hate movies that go around and around with the characters only for them to "suddenly realize" they were right where they needed to be in the first place. It becomes kind of a drag for the viewer...

Scott J (nl) wrote: More basketball comedy gold from the mid 1990s. Probably my favourite Whoopi Goldberg film. Whoopi plays a gobby New York Knicks obsessed fan who ends up becoming the team's coach after a publicity stunt by new owner Frank Langella. Very predictable and silly, but again I wouldn't love these films if they weren't. It brought a tear to my eye to see the Sacramento Kings in it, Olden Polynice even had a funny line too!.

Graham L (es) wrote: Bronson's 80s run of depraved and violent shock thrillers culminates in this, the slimiest of them all. The twisted subject matter is not treated with sensitivity, which is going to upset a good deal of people who see it. The movie's also leaden-paced and poorly constructed, with subplots that go nowhere and plenty happening that simply does not make sense. But to see Bronson at this age still rampaging through the baddies (albeit this time being an anti-hero himself) creates an adrenaline rush, and Bronson fans shouldn't miss it.

Susan M (nl) wrote: This movie is difficult to describe. It's like watching a dream. Some parts will make the viewer feel very uncomfortable. It's filled with myth and metaphor. Definitely worth watching and discussing.

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Hard Ticket To Hawaii is a gloriously campy action film that features plenty of action, cheap sex and nudity, terrible acting and dialogue, a killer boa constrictor, drug dealers, and secret agents. These elements make for an immensely enjoyable B-movie that is pure joy to watch from start to finish. It's a totally nonsensical mess of a film, but it's a mess so entertaining and weird, that I could not possibly dislike it because of all the things I've already mentioned. If you love your action films with dollops of cheesy goodness, you gotta see this one.

Jon H (nl) wrote: Putting Paul McCartney on a case to track down missing master tapes makes about the same amount on sense as sending Sherlock Holmes out to record an album of crime-fighting songs. Features a soundtrack of newly re-recorded (but mediocre sounding) McCartney and Beatles hits.

Erik K (us) wrote: Solid, interesting tale of two mentally disturbed teenagers who help each other recover from their psychosis.

ryland r (mx) wrote: really seems like a great movie really want to see

Tanya S (au) wrote: great movie with fun music, love mama mia

joseph h (kr) wrote: A boring romance with a stupid end is somewhat overcome because of solid acting and great effects.