Een Nederlandse man (Frank Lammers) ontdekt vlak voor zijn huwelijk dat hij een Afrikaanse dochter heeft. Is het chantage of niet? Dat moet hij snel voor de bruiloft uitzoeken. Hij moet met zijn vermeende dochter door een Afrikaans land-in-opstand, achter een verrassend mysterie zien te komen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Surprise! torrent reviews

Matt R (de) wrote: Super strange film, surprisingly endearing with decent humor.

Phillip W (br) wrote: The story is a typical prodical-son or in this case. daughter story. Though the story may not be something that new, it is a monumental move in the right direction for the Christian film industry. You would typically see substandard acting, but this film surprises with great acting talent besides the role of acting veteran Kevin Pollak. It is also a relief to see a rising star like Jamie Grace not only show a splendid acting talent, but also does not shamelessly throwing her in the spotlight in the film and letting the full talent of the movie show. This may not be the best movie when it comes to story, but it definitely is a move in the right direction.

Maark T (br) wrote: A relaxing documentary about Michel Bras handing over his Michelin 3 Star restaurant to his son Seba. Interesting seeing the two work in the kitchen but unfortunately neither of the two are interesting enough outside of the kitchen for the audience to become fully engaged. I found myself bored during the facial close ups of both and just waiting for the next kitchen or scenery shot.

Michael L (jp) wrote: Seeing movies back to back on a plane is always interesting. The context can totally shift the tone of a film. Watched JANIE JONES, a lovely small indie that just feels so right and so right now, capturing the ebb and flow of contemporary life. The film doesn't break any new territory but as a character study it surprises in so many ways. Both Abigail Breslin and Alessandro Nivola are pitch perfect and even every small role from Elizabeth Shue to one of my favorites Peter Stormare, just rings right. An eloquent complex work that really surprised me!

Jim R (nl) wrote: Very campy and fun, and yet a fine film with serious themes (an unusual mix).

Jessica R (us) wrote: Makes me very angry!

Wes S (gb) wrote: One of the better sequels, but it's still not very good. I can't tell if it's a direct sequel to 'Necropolis' since it appears to have the same characters but no events from the last film are referenced. It manages to have comedy like the first movie, but this one is more serious. The effects are decent, and the plot is rather corny, but it keeps up to the franchise.

Justin E (gb) wrote: A dark film that is often difficult to watch. ...I don't like the feeling it leaves me with

JeanFranois O (kr) wrote: T'es comme un samurai sans maitre, Malone...

Jenn M (gb) wrote: Okay, you cannot, and I repeat CANNOT do a space movie without a decent budget!! Thats just the way it is! You can't have shitty acting and then low budget props unless you're making a parody. Not sure what the budget was but most of it went to something like catering and NOT acting, script, sets, props or anything else needed in a space/end of the world flick