Lea Lyon, the daughter of a rabbi, lives happily with her father in their Gulicinu village, but there are rumblings of war. Soon, the village is overrun with the Imperial troops of the Russian Czar, with Constantine in Imperial command. He is attracted by the beauty of Lea and commands her to come to his quarters. She refuses and he is outraged. He orders the townspeople barred behind their doors and the village burned. Though she loves her honor above everything else, she can not bear to see the villagers suffer, and makes the lonely walk through the village to the Inn.

Lea Lyon, the daughter of a rabbi, lives happily with her father in their Gulicinu village, but there are rumblings of war. Soon, the village is overrun with the Imperial troops of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry M (ag) wrote: This is one of those movies you can watch pretty much anytime it comes on TV and still have it be enjoyable. Cliche plot of underdogs trying to do the impossible, but regardless the film is funny and provides surprisingly witty commentary on our society.

Katlyn C (gb) wrote: Who think it's freaky?

Chris G (gb) wrote: A sprawling epic that shows spares no detail in it's quest to show crime and growing up in the Brazillian slums. The narrative and pacing are perfect with tight direction.

Tyson S (kr) wrote: i thought this was great

Cheung W (fr) wrote: It starts off mysteriously with some people digging underground of some sort.Then strange things happens when they catch a glimpse on something.We then turn back into the main character Yu Ominae who is a trained soldier, the last man standing.References to the bible and the Ark Of Noah appears, and we get twisted into actionfilled fighting scenes and cyborgs with supernatural powers. All blended with a mix of mythology versus environmental issues such as climate changes.The intro talking about "darkness" and the Spriggan is rather simple and even though when get the story of how the main character became who he is, there is no mentioning on how he became The Spriggan.The theory of what the Ark of Noah is, is rather a nice twist. Unfortunately this movie tries to criticize us humans without quite getting the nice touch of it.All in all a movie worth seeing, but not the killer flick if you are a really hardcore anime fan.

Joyce H (ru) wrote: parts of this film are a little too slow-paced, but it's worth seeing anyway; Gena Rowlands and Marisa Tomei give great performances

Rob S (de) wrote: Not as deep and meaningful as "Woodstock", but you do get the same feel. Janis Joplin is probably the greatest live singer ever! And I never thought I could be in awe at 15 minutes of Ravi Shankar but I truly was! Great performances by all.

Steve P (jp) wrote: I really love this film. It's a classic. You've likely never heard of it, but get on it, I think you'll enjoy it.

Kenneth L (ru) wrote: Surprized to see something this honestly subversive on Comcast PPV OnDemand. Why isn't this guy a guest on my favorite commentator TV show, Cobert? I believe every word he says and it scares the bejesus out of me to imagine what coups to recouping total power the true Rulers of the Universe behind the Wall Street hedge masters and big oil commodities manipulators (now that they too, secretly, see the bottom of the barrel in their current formulae for global economic monoply & political-military-security hegemony) have planned to spring on us next. It will be at least as bad as he here predicts and if they control the aftermath of the peek oil chain reaction, much worse.

Chris Z (kr) wrote: She's All That is not "hip", "smart", or "hilarious" as the movie poster would like you to believe. It's a bland, formulaic, mildly amusing take on My Fair Lady. It isn't a terrible movie, but I do take issue with the idea of Rachel Leigh Cook being considered ugly just because she wears glasses. Seriously?