Surveillance 24/7

Surveillance 24/7

Our hero Adam gets drawn into a web of intrigue as evidence is planted on him of a gay royal affair.

Our hero Adam gets drawn into a web of intrigue as evidence is planted on him of a gay royal affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marielle S (au) wrote: vu en avant premire... drle si on ne quitte pas le second degr (C) :-)

Suela L (ca) wrote: I love this movie and want 2 see it againn!!

Dave M (nl) wrote: There's some big names in this film but I'd never heard of it until I caught it by chance on TV. Irresistible is a reasonable thriller for the most part but has a twist that you can see coming a mile off. The film has some very cheesy moments but is redeemed by the question of whether Susan Sarandon's character is actually insane; this is coupled with some fine cinematography in her dream sequences. Aside from the dream sequences and Sarandon's increasing insanity, Emily Bunt's character is quite intriguing; she appears to be trying to play mind tricks by stealing pictures and leaving traps for Susan Sarandon but never actually gets caught in the act. So we're left to wonder the truth of all the strange happenings. While the film is quite intriguing, it's by no means a classic. Fine for a Monday night in like when I saw the film but I probably would have been quite disappointed if I'd saw this at the cinema. Aside from the cheesiness there was no real pace or excitement for chunks of the film as it seemed to be confused as to whether it was a thriller or some sort of drama. I wouldn't buy this on DVD myself but the plot kept me interested for the most part; so if you're not too fussy and you happen to catch on TV then give it a watch.

Jack H (ag) wrote: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?

Syed A (fr) wrote: a disaster of Dick-Cagelican proportions.

Stella D (nl) wrote: it's a visual poem over the thinly disguised bones of billy budd but it can't really be described, only experienced. the remarkable denis lavant strikes again. nice work indeed

Anthony P (mx) wrote: it had a great cast, but I feel the story lacked any relatable quality to the average audience and squandered the chemistry that the young couple displayed in their first meeting early in the picture.

Craig M (jp) wrote: This represents everything wrong with Hollywood. Women's acting constitutes ridiculous poses, preening and arching for the male gaze. The "femme fatale" tries on underwear multiple times and is kiss-raped by the "protagonist" stalker-voyeur. Lest that be the end of it, hooker porn star Melanie Griffith arrives to remind us that women are good for showing their tits, grabbing crotches and reaching orgasm. The idea that this was ever "serious" is insane and should only be viewed as Midnight Movie fare.

Timm S (nl) wrote: Many Varied Directions. No Reasonable Conclusions. An Open Ended Rendition Can Sometimes Have A Thought-Provoking Experience, But In This Case It Just Further Added Frustration To An Already Full Repertoire Of Sci-Fi, Science & Sociology All Wrapped Up Into One.