Survival on the Mountain

Survival on the Mountain

Couple go to Nepal and gets caught in a snowstorm.

Amy Hoffman decides to take an adventurous hike up Island Peak in the Himalayas with her husband as her 40th birthday approaches. How, they are forced to fight for survival when getting caught in a snowstorm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Survival on the Mountain torrent reviews

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Kayla H (fr) wrote: An interesting movie that addresses issues relevant to this day in age such as bullying and feelings for the same sex. Although I didn't find this film particularly great I think it's a decent independent film worth watching if you're limited on options to watch.

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Matt W (de) wrote: Much as I like Neil Simon, this isn't a favourite.

Brent S (nl) wrote: Chevy at his finest!

Donna D (it) wrote: Heh heh... nothing but non-native actors portraying the native americans in this film. Blue eyed grandfather Trevor Howard famous from Superman portrays Windwalker, the spiritual grandfather back to finish his mission. The only thing I enjoyed was the music which was beautiful and added a touch to this somewhat good movie. A nice story, but not all 100% native american.

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