An astronaut, known only as The Survivor, returns from space only to find Earth a desolate, post-nuclear wasteland. Spending the next ten years searching for others, he finds rumors and signs of a hidden underground city. He finds a woman who claims to know where the city is, but she is kidnapped before she can tell him. Desperate to locate this hidden remnant of humanity, he begins his pursuit of her captors.

An astronaut travels across the post apocalyptic Earth in search of an underground city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Survivor torrent reviews

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: More French spy spoof action, this time with sixties thriller vibe. Dujardin is on top form as OSS 117 and the mad cap goings on are even more outrageous than before.

Henning B (us) wrote: In dem Film passiert zwar unglaublich viel, das Problem ist, dass dem Zuschauer nichts davon gezeigt wird ;) Es stellt sich 1/4berhaupt keine Sympathie f 1/4r irgendeinen Charakter ein und hinterher muss man sich einfach fragen, warum man gerade anderthalb Stunden vergeudet hat.

Geoffrey T (fr) wrote: It's an entertaining flick, but I'm not convinced of it's merit as a documentary. You can tell some things are fabricated, and I'm sure the kids act differently when there is a camera around. But I enjoyed it overall. Just don't take it too seriously.

Brad W (nl) wrote: Pretty good. Didn't really expect it to be overly funny, but Mick Molloy and Glenn Robbins always pull out some classic comedy.

Millo T (kr) wrote: Probably if I continue watching the movie I would deduce it is even worse, but I prefer just to point 2 stars and stop watching it that continue looking at this movie that looks more boring and vain than promising

Cristina C (br) wrote: A quiet, non-flashy documentary about a 1-room school in rural France that is overseen by a gentle teacher. Mr. Lopez's efforts are an obvious labor of love as he moves from student to student, giving them their undivided attention.Considering most of us were educated at large schools where we were viewed as a number and not as individuals, there's something touching about this documentary that makes me wish I could have had my own Mr. Lopez.

Steve D (ru) wrote: Unwatchable even for a meat loaf fan

Justin O (ru) wrote: The only way to get even with everyone responsible for this movie is to rape their grandfathers with pickles filled with battery acid. Or watch Daredevil, though that's much worse.

Aliocha R (mx) wrote: A really interesting and beautiful movie especially the parts concerning the books "Confession of a mask" and "Kinkakuji"!

Aleksandar K (es) wrote: Uste eden exploitation movie na reziserot Jesus Franco. Interesna erotska drama... Samo za "postrucnite" gledaci! :)

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Smart and fascinating historical musical about the amazing story of how the Declaration of Independence came to be. It centers almost entirely on the always interesting relationships of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who nearly wasn't chosen to write it and when he was chosen fought to not write it. Tragically, there almost was no revolution because the colonies were intrinsically split over the issue of slavery, which Jefferson slyly tried to abolish in his Declaration.

Joanna N (es) wrote: Harmless grossout comedy with some funny moments woven in amongst a lot of predictable cliches.

Grant T (ca) wrote: Can't help but make you smile as it dazzles with southern charm. Driving Miss Daisy delivers impressive performances while managing to unfold a nice little story our way, even if it doesn't hit every note pitch perfect

Luc L (ru) wrote: A weak romantic drama film.

Dennis M (es) wrote: Not your typical baseball movie. Great adaptation of a great book.

(it) wrote: Best sequel there will ever be!

Scottt F (jp) wrote: A most subpar effort, little reason to view in unless you wanty to see breasts.