Surya Toran

Surya Toran


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Surya Toran 1958 full movies, Surya Toran torrents movie

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Surya Toran torrent reviews

Marion J (gb) wrote: Not a kid movie at all!! Super sad!!! ~ (C)

Juuso L (us) wrote: Toisinaan homma toimii kuin unelma, aika usein ei. 20 minuuttia turhia jorinoita veke ja bada bing, elokuva olisi hyv suoraviivainen toimintatrilleri.Hirvittvn korni ja "koskettava" tarina poliisin vaimosta on Jotain Ihan Muuta.

Brian W (gb) wrote: Surprisingly fair, neither hit piece nor fluff piece. Certainly a cautionary tale for anyone of any party who wants to be an operative.

Long L (ru) wrote: The movie was happy to have Haylie Duff, too bad she didn't do anything to make it good. The characters weren't believable and the acting was sub-par. If they wanted to make a cliched version of every generic horror flick involving rednecks in a backwater forest, they succeeded. Even the ending was predictable! Not worth the time.

Jose M (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this film as a kid and bizarrely enough still like despite it cruelty towards orphans, cheap laughs, and cynicism in child abuse. Sigh over the late John Ritter, and Michael Richards... well at least his career.

Dave R (jp) wrote: a poorly cast film with a pretty obvious plot. not really funny (it's supposed to be a comedy...) not compelling. the one thing that's interesting about it is the presentation of the mob as being suburban, which seemed to me to very similar to "the sopranos" setting- most mob movies are set in the city. the depiction of the wives also seemed similar.

Ryan G (es) wrote: This Kung Fu film has some really good ingredients. The thing that doesn't quite come through for it are the production values. The action sequences, the plot, the characters, the settings are all interesting and worth filming, but the actual cinematography and audio quality are quite poor, and so I found it unusually difficult to watch. If you can put these issues aside, the film is great for it's time. Jackie Chan really begins to show his immense talents for what is probably the first respectable time. His acrobatics are great, as are the Snake & Crane styles he employs further on in the film. Interestingly, his character is a little bit cocky, and his body language is a little unusual for him, as if he was told to act a little more American or something. Also, his back-hand strikes seem a little odd and over-used. One of the other great things is the appearance of all the different clans in the film. Th Black Dragons, the Flying Tigers etc really add some colour and interesting rivalry - not to mention the opportunities for various back-stabbings and double-dealings. I would give everything in this movie an A, but the production values a C.

Adam R (gb) wrote: I don't understand the appeal. It was very monotonous to me. Not much of a plot. Just dialogue with Woody Allen whining about everything. It wasn't funny. (First and only full viewing - 12/13/2010)

Nina L (ca) wrote: Not the best Italian comedy but the actors are just great.

Byron B (au) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Sultan A (ca) wrote: Empowered by enthralling performances from it's three powerful leads and a fascinating story, The Hours proves itself to be an utter masterpiece. No more or less.