Susannah of the Mounties

Susannah of the Mounties

This classic family drama stars Shirley Temple as young orphan Susannah Sheldon, the sole survivor of a brutal Indian attack who's befriended by Canadian Mountie Angus Montague (Randolph Scott) and his girlfriend, Vicky (Margaret Lockwood). The couple takes Susannah under their wing and soon learn that having a precocious child around can come in handy; when the Indians return, the girl uses her charm to broker peace.Shirley is the orphaned survivor of an Indian attack in the Canadian West. A Mountie and his girlfriend take her in...

Shirley is the orphaned survivor of an Indian attack in the Canadian West. A Mountie and his girlfriend take her in. Everybody suffers further Indian attacks and the Mountie is saved from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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