Susanne is a girl living with her parents. They don't really care much about her. Agitated by the parents continual complaining about her, Susanne takes off. She is attracted to a young man...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Susanne [Susanne Ulfsäter] is a young woman who lives with her parents, parents that don’t really give a toss about her and spend more time entertaining guests and complaining about their fair daughter and her appearance. Agitated by her parents hassle and moaning during their chic dinner parties, Susanne takes off to a café where a lad she’s attracted to, Olle [Arnold Stackelberg], is hanging out with his greaser mates. He invites her on a date the following evening during which they make out and drive way to fast – despite Susanne’s objections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dirk R (ag) wrote: A few good scenes from a very unlikeable character.

Carlos M (br) wrote: There are some amazing long takes here, yes, and the brutality depicted is really appropriate; however, it seems more than evident that Gout is only aiming for style, putting together three stories using absurd twists that render the whole meaningless.

Guillaume L (ca) wrote: Au depart un contexte historique qui interpelle mais une histoire qui sombre au fur et mesure dans un mysticisme fumeux (sauna oblige...) pour combler le manque de rebondissements et d'intert de l'intrigue. Cela m'a rappele, dans les intentions, un autre film scandinave recent, "Valhalla Rising" : des images et une atmosphre travaillees au service de la mythologie plus que de l'action avec pour resultat final beaucoup d'ennui. Si Refn evitait le film de guerre viking, le realisateur contourne ici le slasher. Il n'y a aucune tension et les personnages qui essaient de nous faire croire le contraire par des attitudes d'effroi ou de colre surjouees sont surtout irritants. Le debut construit en flashbacks et s'appuyant (et jouant mme) sur les dialogues alternativement en russe ou finnois pour differencier les personnages est trs confus. Un peu comme ma critique, tiens...

Yury D (jp) wrote: "Brokeback Mountain" vs "Broken Sky" - what is about gay films that gets them called 'broken'?

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Stephen H (gb) wrote: Not bad. Ashley Judd gave a good performance. Not the most original movie, but worth a viewing. The setting was very realistic (I believe it's Arkansas). Someone mentioned Branson, MO, and I got excited.

Nick H (nl) wrote: Jessica Lange does her best Joan Crawford impression

Tommy K (mx) wrote: Is it wrong that I actually like this version as much as the original? I mean, yeah, Johnny Depp is no Gene Wilder, but the story's more loyal to the original book this time and the flashback scenes and most of the visual effects are an improvement.

Keith M (gb) wrote: a lovely tale of love lost and coming back. The cast is amazing with so many faces you'll recognise. one to catch on a slow sunday.

Francesco J (us) wrote: Un buen thriller psicologico con buenos actores. Se me parecio a esas peliculas de Hitchcock...

Jennifer D (au) wrote: One of Julia's first films, it has funny moments, esp Julia's character. It didn't become the boost for Justine's career that she needed at the time.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Made after a Drunken bet between the director and Joe Strummer ,Financed by future Working Title producer Eric Fellner on travellers cheques and featuring a cast of the Pogues,Elvis Costello,Jim Jarmuch and Courtney Love this has to be the most off the wall movie you will ever see. Cox is a huge Spagetti Western fan and here on a small budget he has a ball paying tribute to them. Some of the bad guys are addicted to Coffee,Dennis Hoppers role is named after the German Industry figure head who exploited the Jews in Wolrd War 2 And Joe Strummer looks like he has a permanent hangover. Roundly hated by most i have a massive soft spot for this movie and feel its cultdom is long overdue

Jeff H (ru) wrote: I actually like it better than I did when it first came out. Its a slice of the 90's and I like the soundtrack.

Harrison W (gb) wrote: The stabbing bit feels a bit corny, but other than that, it 100% holds up. Surprised the twist hasn't been ruined for me all this time.Explanation at the end felt a bit too expository until the VERY end. Loved the soundtrack. Surprisingly accurate explanation of transvestites.

Adam C (ca) wrote: Best movie series ever.

Allen R (nl) wrote: Definitely the best of those early Fangoria films, MINDWARP contains what it easily Bruce Campbell's most natural and genuine performance (ie. least hammy). Borrowing elements of NEUROMANCER a decade before the Wachowski's, the "jacked-in" plot is more post-apocalyptic mutant cannibals than tech-oriented cyberpunk.