Suspect Device

Suspect Device

Sci-fi action tale of a man who discovers that no one recognizes him... no one except his government that is; and "they" are working overtime to erase him from existance.

Sci-fi action tale of a man who discovers that no one recognizes him... no one except his government that is; and "they" are working overtime to erase him from existance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pathmanathan D (au) wrote: Typical Hari masala movie. Some punch dialogues and funny scenes. Can watch it once for mindless entertainment.Rating - 2.5/5

Byron B (us) wrote: The trailer, with a female voice narrating, collects all the somewhat funny moments and sells this film as something very different from what it is. I was hoping for a spoof of the genre from a certain era, the '70s, like Black Dynamite, but this flick comes nowhere close. It does make slight references to Spaceballs, Logan's Run, and Silent Running (also Keir Dullea plays Liv Tyler's dad) plus it contains R rated hijinks. I think it is a case of too many cooks in the kitchen (5 equal screenplay credits). Jack Plotnick, who has a long filmography of acting credits on IMDb and no feature directing credits prior to this, is the voice of the station computer and shares writing credit. Michael Stoyanov is the voice of the robot psychologist on board and shares writing credit. Sam Pancake and Kali Rocha also share writing credits and play minor characters on this space station. Jennifer Elise Cox is the one writer who is not part of the cast, and this is her first professional writer credit. All these egos contributing to the script lead to a disjointed experience. The plot involves a couple, played by Coughlan and Bomer, in a failing marriage. Their daughter, played by Kylie Rogers, is a major focus of the storyline, which just feels wrong since all the R rated stuff is mixed in. Patrick Wilson plays the closeted gay captain of the station. Oh, funny, he's not good with children or close to his crew, he's a male chauvinist, he's suicidal, and he's gay. Liv Tyler plays the new highly educated female officer, a lieutenant, who is learning her way around this new assignment. Look at how funny and socially relevant this movie is with a lady officer who can't have children and nearly everyone on board constantly demeans her and comments that a woman just doesn't belong in a leadership role. The man is less than a man; the woman is less than a woman. People in the '70s had such funny views. The young character at the periphery of all the adult drama will surely grow up to have a more enlightened view in the future, right? Wait! How come the adult women characters are so bitchy, or passive-aggressive, or only sex objects? There are no good examples. Oh yeah, and an asteroid is on course for the station. The special effects are nothing special, the actors struggle with the material, and the asteroid doesn't add a single bit of suspense.

Todd S (ru) wrote: It's the first week of Senior year and already, Gonzo Gilman has been kicked off the school paper and his friends are being bullied. Gonzo is a smart kid and he knows better than anyone that the pen is mightier than the sword. With the help of his loser buddies, Gonzo comes up with a plan to create the anti-newspaper of his High School, a publication that focuses on the negatives of the school and it's students. Most of these High School themed movies are about the popular kids drama or the unknown student who becomes a legend, but how often do you see the losers rise up against the popular kids, in a non-violent way? This story was written by Bryan Goluboff, who also wrote the screen play for one of my favorite movies, The Basketball Diaries. Much like that film, this one is as clever as it is funny. Ezra Miller stars as Gonzo, and gives the best performance I've seen him give. Yes, he was great in Perks of Being a Wallflower, but he has a whole different energy here, and I think it might have something to do with Miller's personal life. Miller is openly gay and has often talked about how difficult it's been for him. The character he's playing here, Gonzo Gilman, is a cult hero for every kid that's ever been bullied and didn't know what to do about it, and in a way I think this role was Miller's way of fighting back against what happened to him. He's opposed by Jesse McCartney, the most popular kid in school. I think McCartney is a tremendous talent and he's a good looking kid. For that reason, he's always portrayed as this sweet, loveable guy, and it was really great to see him in a different type of role. Sometimes the best way to rejuvenate your career is by trying something new and it works here. Beware The Gonzo is a refreshingly unique, independent film, with a great young cast, and an amazing writer, who is very particular about what he does. Everything comes together to create something terrific that we really haven't seen before. I can honestly say I loved every minute of this film and for that it's receives the label of must see movie!

Anne B (jp) wrote: Supberbra! Helt i min smak!

Shawn W (au) wrote: A three time US gold medalist turned TV analyst is sentenced to hard labour in a Soviet gulag after being arrested on espionage charges. Somewhat similar to Midnight Express. A simple magic trick leads to a prison escape of Olympic proportions.

bill b (kr) wrote: DOGMA 95 STYLE.Nice film, nice characters

Bill B (au) wrote: The first part of a trilogy (which I now regret not buy the rest of), this introduces us to a modern day neo noir hero Maiku Hama, who operates out of an office above a cinema showing classic films in Japan.He finds himself involved in a case searching for a missing Taiwanese immigrant, whose brother he saves in a brawl in a restaurant. Hama is an interesting character, as he appears cool, but is very accident prone and finds himself getting his ass handed to him more often than not.It makes for an interesting take on the genre, that's for sure.Worth a look, give it a rental.

Jarryd R (mx) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Brian E (jp) wrote: That's the sound of the man, working on the chain......gang.

William W (ru) wrote: This doesn't quite work as well as its more famous predecessor but is still both a worthy sequel and one of the better fantasy films out there. I admire Fleischer as a director, particularly his excellent work in sci-fi, but I just don't think this was his sort of thing. Worth purchasing and re-watching, however. Not sure if I'll ever bother with the recent Conan reboot.

Michelle P (ca) wrote: May be the best stand-up comedy I have ever seen. It is especially funny if you have children.

Eric M (au) wrote: I say this movie when it came out. How can you not like a buddy film about a guy and his otter?

Mark D (ru) wrote: An interesting movie, but I found it quiet slow and couldnt connect to it. Not as interesting, depraved and intriguing as Salo but has some nice cinematography and a thought provoking message.

Johnny W (ca) wrote: A great date movie! Katherine Heigl is a delight.

Corey H (nl) wrote: Anything by Danny Boyle