Brothers Vincent (rich) and Clay (poor) meet up for the first time after their father's funeral and remark on how similar they look. But unknown to Clay, who thinks his life is taking a turn for the better, Vince is actually plotting to kill him with a car bomb and pass the corpse off as his own, planning to start a new life elsewhere with his father's inheritance. But Clay survives the blast and has his face, memory and identity restored in hospital... but are they the right ones?

Brothers Vincent (rich) and Clay (poor) meet up for the first time after their father's funeral and remark on how similar they look. But unknown to Clay, who thinks his life is taking a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy W (br) wrote: Piddly p**s poor sci fi which had some half baked ideas and not the first idea what to do with them. Leaden dialogue and bad acting don't help either. Unconvincing.

LaDolce A (br) wrote: Spot on lampoon of the world of conceptual art. A must see for anyone who has an opinion about the death of tonality in modern composition.

Yuta S (ag) wrote: this movie is made up of three stories of three different directors. i really liked the third one which was made by ken loach. his films usually makes me feel sad in the end, but this one was different.

Andrew B (de) wrote: After the unexpected popularity of SAW in 2004, there was a rush from film companies to pump out the most twisted and gruesome horror movies they could possibly put out in theatres. This was one of them. Just poor all the way around.

Mason B (br) wrote: Despite the sometimes overwhelming amount of nudity, Sex and Lucia turns outs to be a surprisingly surreal and poignant film. It's almost a melodrama, but the film's cerebral attitude and emotional complexity keep it from becoming alienating. The film shows us the relationship between waitress Lucia and her writer boyfriend, who fall in love while his writing begins to merge into his life, with tragic consequences. Afterwards Lucia retreats to an island that her boyfriend wrote about, where she meets other characters taking emotional refuge in this island paradise. The plot is actually so complex that it's difficult to summarize it completely. It's the surrealness and complexity that prevents Sex and Lucia from seeming like a soap opera. This island, where all the characters meet up, I interpreted as a metaphysical green world where fantasy and reality merge into one. This is an interpretation open to debate but I think this furthered the depth of the film. Sex and Lucia attempts portray issues of love and sex, fantasy and reality, not always perfectly, but with often with real power. The film is unfortunately sometimes too vague and weird for it's own good which often lessens it's message. And while I have absolutely no moral objections to sex and nudity in film, I do have to acknowledge that Sex and Lucia has way to many sex scenes. This is to the extent that the film occasionally confuses sex and actual romance, both of which I like, but are still two very different things. Fortunately one of the film's biggest strengths is the outstanding performances by it's leads, paticuarly Paz Vega. They are all able to work through the more alienating parts of the film and keep us engaged in what's going on screen. Sex and Lucia is a very flawed masterpiece that, while not for everyone is always absorbing and never less than beautiful.

Wendel J (it) wrote: No tem nem muito o que falar sobre esse filme, por que ele quase que obrigatrio pra se ver pra entender a trama. Cara, simplesmente fantstico o conceito desse filme, tudo se encaixa to bem e tudo de forma to bem explicada e inteligente.

tina k (au) wrote: great story about love

James H (mx) wrote: Susan Sarandan is one terrific actress, and she does an awesome job in this film. A young Nick Stahl also stands out. He is not very recognized as an actor, but I think will make it big. Good story, score and direction.

Luis M (nl) wrote: I just saw "Hoffa" for the first time. This movie is cinematic crap (actually, cinematic is too much a nice word to attach it in any way to this film). Nicholson's over-dramatic acting is not convincing nor genuine; it's more like cardboard, Hallmark self-conscious sentimemtality. He knew he was doing his possible worst movie ever. The music is muzak's nightmare, shallow and overly dramatic and kitsch. Cinematographically speaking, its problem is not that it wants to be ambitiuos (nothing wrong with that), but that the camera angles are repetitive, monotonous and unreal. Crapola, pure crapola.

Rhys E (it) wrote: Amazing film that every Man will love, constant action and great acting