A Swedish IT-company gets a new boss, who turns out to be a soulless hatchet man in Schildt's dark satire on the evils of the corporate world. He's opposed by Daniel, one of his employees, and eventually comes crashing down, impaled on his own hubris. So Daniel gets given the poisoned chalice of leadership in his place, just to end up as amoral and platitudinous as the man and values he initially stood up against.

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Christopher H (ag) wrote: A 100 minutes lecture on children in television. It is dense and informative and Cousin's voice makes the perfect narrator. Though lacking in a connecting thread and a forced conclusion.

Ed M (ru) wrote: I didn't expect much going into this and I was right...a few hot chicks, a few boobs and some dumb comedy...Not too much good I can say about this "crap" fest :-)

Josiah M (ag) wrote: A sweet tale that follows a controversial subject, yet never reprimands its characters for partaking in its occurrance. If anything, it almost encourages some people to keep their chins up when things spiral out of control.

Erik G (mx) wrote: Divorce, teen pregnancy, a wedding, a car accident, and a pot-smoking grandmother are all crammed in a single, and Halley Martin knows 'How To Deal' with these issues. While watching this film I see mostly drama, but sometimes it's fun...and very romantic, too. Starring teen pop sensation Mandy Moore, who delivers a good acting performance here. :)

Miranda M (br) wrote: My favorite movie :)

Mohamed S (jp) wrote: silly movie to see once in a lifetime

Brad S (au) wrote: - Watched yet again. Super cheesy, but fun film with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd in their prime. Good for a few laughs!- Had to watch again, not the best film, but it's fun. Nice seeing Akroyd and Chase in their prime. Also, many director cameos: Joel Coen, Sam Raimi, Martin Brest, Costas Gravas, Frank Oz and more. Give it a try.- Not great, but it is fairly amusing. Fun watching Chevy and Dan together...

Simon D (ag) wrote: Not a bad story and it certainly looked great but we all surely know that the Chinese really can't fly or have a scrap on a lake surface without getting wet so it has to go down as a fantasy which means going down in my ratings too.

Zach M (ru) wrote: The end of the Blind Dead series. Quite a bit of nudity.

Tom R (br) wrote: A good documentary. I liked that we got to see the personal / secretive work side of Bob Crumb, and his comics. Though the film does get a bit creepy at times, and can get off-topic at times also. This is worth at least a view, especially for the Bob Crumb fans.

Michael S (kr) wrote: Ford is just on a different level.

Citien P (br) wrote: Interesting but confusing investigation of the roots of Hitler's aspirations.

Lee M (jp) wrote: A high-concept horror picture that squanders its premise from the first frame.

Luciano G (it) wrote: "Savaged" is an OK movie for many horror fans out there, not limited to one exact category, which is a good thing... so whoever you are and whatever your tastes are, you should give this one a try... especially for those looking for a nice indie movie!..