During the Summer while his parents are busy with work, a nine year old boy slips into a fantasy world to entertain himself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   train,   child nudity,  

During the Summer while his parents are busy with work, a nine year old boy slips into a fantasy world to entertain himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky S (it) wrote: Enjoyed it fine. Not gonna change your life; just some fun entertainment. Keep your expectations within reason for this one.

L vin K (ca) wrote: "What is it that worries you, Cherammal Francis?".....A satirical, surreal, thought provoking and a character driven movie that manages to draw us into its story, enjoy and cherish, the comical and eccentric adventures of Pranchiyettan in pursuit of fame.Your spirits soar and helps you forget the mediocrity that mallu movies often serves.Ranjith has proved a harbinger of good times, of fresh films in Malayalam film industry. This is something truly refreshing to malayalam cinema. The treatment is refreshing novel. The energy that pervades throughout the film is positive and vibrant.

Julia P (au) wrote: Watched 8/8/11*.Yikes this movie is not good and has a terrible message. But darned if Joanna Garcia isn't still great.

Chang R (fr) wrote: The story is shitty as always but the action-packed third act is still pretty entertaining

Michael D (kr) wrote: had very few good moments and mostly b. o. r. i. n. g.

Caitlin L (us) wrote: Loved Hugh and Sandra together. It had some really funny moments.

Stephen S (jp) wrote: Better Red than Dead. Better watching this movie than Georgia Rule. Plus it has George Takei and some Ray Harryhausenesque giant scorpions.

Jesse O (gb) wrote: This movie is quite awful. But at least it's laughably bad, so you do get a lot of laughs from how bad the movie truly is. Certainly the film is Craven's attempt to recreate the success he had with Nightmare on Elm Street. Horace's use of, supposedly, funny one-liners instantly reminds you of Freddy Krueger. The set-up is utterly goofy and the execution is even worse. The gore isn't even good. You also get the feeling that they knew they had a stinker on their hands as the movie, while getting worse, also starts getting funnier. It's like they made a conscious effort that, since the movie was already far gone by that point, that they'll just make you laugh as much as they can. The perfect example of this is the scene where Jonathan and Horace go into the TV and start fighting through several channels. They go through movies, sitcoms, news broadcasts, etc. The effects are fucking awful during these scenes, just laughably bad. I can't possibly think that anybody, that was part of the filming, thought these scenes were any good. To compare, Sherlock Jr., a 1924 movie starring Buster Keaton, has this same set-up. Buster goes inside a movie screen, and the background starts changing behind him every couple of seconds. A movie that, at the point of Shocker's release, was 65 years old had better effects than this movie. While the effects in Sherlock Jr. were far ahead of their time, this film's effects were just downright terrible as well. Just terrible stuff. The acting isn't very good, the movie isn't particularly well-written. So it's really just a failure on all counts. At least it'll make you laugh a bit, so the suffering isn't as bad.

David A (es) wrote: A slow build up to one of the greatest car chase scenes of all time. Some scenes could have been cut down or removed completely, but, nevertheless, "Bullitt" delivered the tension, a realistic tone, and a cool ass protagonist played by the legendary Steve McQueen himself. If you're patient, then you'll find this film satisfying.

John B (br) wrote: This type of film which depicts a woman who doesn't quite measure up to the social status of her man is too often the subject of films but Stanwyck's abilities make this a unique and rewarding offering.

Brian B (au) wrote: Four stars hands down! Terrific job by Jamie Foxx adding a touch of humor "get your hands off my Jordan's" lol. If your looking for an A list action movie along the lines of the great "Die Hard" then this ones for you! Go see it!

Chris E (ca) wrote: Interesting story with credible action.