Sve je za ljude

Sve je za ljude

A returnee from Australia causes uproar in his native village when he announces he's looking for bride.

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Borhan K (ca) wrote: This movie was a slow one of the blocks. You could tell it had a small budget and was a movie with just the storyline holding it up no special effects or anything. There were times i wanted to stop watching this and put something else one. However I persisted and carried on with it. It slowlly started to evolve into a story that grew and the characters within the movie added depth to the movie. You can read the synopsis of the movie yourself however all i have to say is you will be surprised at the growth of the characters. It has some funny parts and a good underlying story overall. Something to keep your eye out for.

Gemma L (kr) wrote: Usually I despise Disney sequels, but I actually thought this one was pretty decent. It holds up well and presents a touching relationship between father and son... I think it's worth a watch.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Although I knew that Melanie Griffith was not the best actress, as Crazy in Alabama was directed by Antonio Banderas, I figured it was worth a shot.Crazy in Alabama is a problem because of its story. It simultaneously comes back and forth between two stories, one which is seriously dramatic in dealing with issues about coming of age and racism while the other is a comedy about a woman trying to make it in Hollywood after running away from the husband that she murdered. The reason that so many critics feel that Crazy in Alabama does not fully come together is because it never does. It is essentially two films: a comedy and a drama drastically mashed together into the one film which is pretty senseless. Both stories have potential, but they would work better as standalone projects. The fact that Crazy in Alabama is so constantly flipping back and forth between a serious drama and a lighthearted comedy is ridiculous. Crazy in Alabama is built mainly on a lot of tonal shifts, and it makes the experience shaky, degrading the hard nature of the drama while also making the comedy sink beneath a film which takes itself way too seriously. The two stories seriously damaged the potential of Crazy in Alabama because it made it difficult for me to laugh at one story or find the other compelling. The two stories have pretty much nothing to do with each other, and so what the actual point of them was seems very weird to me. In short, Crazy in Alabama succeeds neither as a decent comedy or a drama because each story lays down a negative effect on the other, and while the film had a greater chance of being a decent comedy, the drama just dragged it down and made the experience poor.The fact is that neither of the stories in Crazy in Alabama are really interesting because the dramatic story about racism and a corrupt sheriff does not capitalise on its potential and ends up generic and bereft of much entertainment value whereas the comedic storyline does not go for many laughs due to being short on jokes. Both stories serve as a front for some good acting and nice scenery, but the fact is that filmmaking requires something for people to build off. The scenery and acting in the film build off of nothing, and if viewers do indeed find Crazy in Alabama to be a good film it is merely because they have distracted viewers from the fact that at heart, this film is poor. It boils down to the screenplay by Mark Childress as adapted from his own novel. Mark Childress wants the film to be both a serious drama and a comedic vehicle for Melanie Griffith, but he fails to find the balance to make it work and so it doesn't end up supplying all that much to Antonio Banderas for his directional debut.Antonio Banderas does what he can, and luckily enough in the end he ends up showing promise as a film director by revealing an eye for style in filmmaking. He captures a lot of beautiful scenery in the film which makes it feel genuine and gives viewers a loose sense of the timeframe, and he does it with innovative cinematography techniques. He is constantly trying out new angles and editing at a gentle pace which gives the film a good visual style and captures everything well. And against the backdrop of a nice and gentle musical score, Crazy in Alabama just feels right. And the cast have no trouble in the film.You can tell that the Golden Raspberry Awards really have it out for Melanie Griffith because she got nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress for her leading role in Crazy in Alabama. In actual fact, she is the best element of the film. While her performance is not perfect, her leading role gives her the opportunity to charm audiences with her natural flair which is exactly what she achieves. She manages to establish the character as a sympathetic and likable figure even though she is a killer, and she manages to maintain her natural charm for the entirety of the film. She delivers her lines with a certain giddy energy without going over the top, and she constantly keeps the emotions of her character in tact well. Melanie Griffith's charming lead performance in Crazy in Alabama capitalises on what she is truly about as an actress, and so she carries the film on her shoulders much of the time and should be able to entertain her fans well in one of the best performances she has given in years.Lucas Black is also great in Crazy in Alabama. As he has to carry the dramatic storyline on his shoulders, he is required to put a lot of dedication into the role. And without trouble, that is exactly what he does. Lucas Black injects a lot of solid youthful charisma into his part by delivering his lines with real passion for the part. He takes the material very seriously and single handily attempts to convey the emotional impact of the drama in the film to audiences. Lucas Black's performance is stronger in dramatic credibility than the story itself, and it shows a lot of talent from the young actor and boosts the credibility of the film.Robert Wagner also supplies a decent supporting performance, and Cathy Moriarty adds a nice touch to the film with her small part in Crazy in Alabama.Yet despite a talented cast led by an enjoyable performance from Melanie Griffith as well as stylish direction from Antonio Banderas, Crazy in Alabama is a film which cannot decide what to do with itself and bounces back and forth between melodrama and comedy without being strong or funny enough to succeed as either, and instead it ends up as a dull film with a weak and uncompelling story along with a terrible structure.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Fairly conventional WW2 movie. Unfortunately, the movie has nothing to do with the famous battles for Tobruk. Instead, the plot revolves around a fictitious raid on Tobruk by British troops in WW2. Nothing new here - this could be The Guns of Navarone, or any similar movie.Solid, though often stereotypical, performances all round.

Mark K (au) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Silas P (ca) wrote: This is a delightful movie with fine acting and pioneering cinematography (the whole movie uses the subjective camera technique) that suits the detective genre very well indeed. The world as seen through the eyes of Marlowe allows for some pleasant film moments, including admiring the wonderful facial expressions of Audrey Totter. Some very good work by Montgomery as director and star. Well worth seeing.

Christina M (gb) wrote: I love Cary Grant in this movie ALMOST as much as I love him in Holiday, if youre ever watching TCM and its on YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!

Maria G (nl) wrote: I wathched some of it and it is a powerful movie. Most all her movies are.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Interesting look at life in Welsh coal-mining town in the early-1900s.The story of a family, the Morgans, who live in a Welsh coal-mining town, told through the eyes of the youngest son, Huw (played by a 12-year old Roddy MacDowall). The father and four oldest sons all work in the colliery. Pretty much everything centres around the colliery - it is the life blood of the town, and the source of pain, ill-will and death. In addition, we see the relationships between the people in the town, how they develop and change. An interesting drama, showing the social impact on a town when it is dependent entirely on a single industry. The relationship side is interesting too. However, in trying to cover as much of what happens in the town as possible, there is a lack of focus. While the ending is reasonably profound, a much greater point could have been made. The landing is a bit soft.Great performances all round.How Green Was My Valley went on to win the 1942 Best Picture Oscar, beating out Citizen Kane (amongst others) to the award. Not that it is better: it can probably thank William Randolph Hearst's campaign against Citizen Kane for the award.

nolan h (fr) wrote: The authenticity is great, and it can be creepy at times. However, it does get slightly repetitious and can be slow at times. But overall, it's an intriguing mystery

OliverTodd H (br) wrote: Same old haunted house horror movie type.. The ghost effects were pretty cheap. The father was pretty creepy. I think it needed to explain a little more to the previous history of the house and why the people died there. The ending was good though. It's an okay movie to watch if you're bored and wanna pass some time, but nothing I would highly recommend to watch

Regan C (nl) wrote: As far as I can tell, the opening credits incorrectly guessed which Lovecraft short story the film is taken from, and even that is the least of the fiendish inattention present.