Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.

Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Svengali torrent reviews

Scott M (ag) wrote: really enjoyed this documentary and brought back some memories of when albums songs were getting released and one best gigs ever been too. great documentary for fans of the band.

Gregory C (au) wrote: fun doc about two highly influential twin underground filmmakers. i've seen very little of their stuff but i think i should start searching it out.

Jon L (fr) wrote: Not surprisingly, given the apocalyptic mess he made out of writing , directing and editing this C-movie, Nick Everheart has no bio details showing on the film-industry websites. Must have been made for a partnership of dentists looking to tax-credit their revenues from pulling teeth, and I'd rather my teeth were pulled out one by one that sit through one minute again of this apology for a about exploitation of Doomsday..doomsday itself couldn't be worse than having to sit through this movie..They ripped off the title and got themselves some funding on the back of a DVD release as no theatre would take it..But, at least, it fed some out of work actors for a few days..

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Not bad sequel. Interesting ideas presented here. Crazy to see how much things have changed in the span of 20 years...

Matt S (fr) wrote: Predictable, interesting in the way the film was put together however.

Johnathon W (ca) wrote: More fun, dumb action that actually improves on the action & comedy but suffers from having too much of it. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence continue their excellent turns as Mike & Marcus, playing off each other splendidly & given new layers, as Mike is dating Marcus's sister, Syd (nicely played by Gabrielle Union) while Marcus is considering transferring out of the squad. Many of the best bits of the film are just their dialogue (the scene in which Mike & Marcus intimidate a young boy dating Marcus's teenage daughter is standout) but end up overpowering the rest of the cast. Joe Pantoliano does have fun playing a cliched police captain, as does Jordi Molla, a drug kingpin with some much hidden cash rats are eating it. Behind the camera, Michael Bay did show improvement in both style & storytelling, delivering some of his best action scenes (the freeway chase in which cars are flying about and the final set piece in Cuba are highlights) but suffers from his problem of going too long. At 2 1/2 hours, the movie starts to drag, especially in the middle, as Bay's bombastic style can wear you down. If Bay ever learned to keep his films under two hours, he probably get a much better reception from audiences & critics. Overall, still a fun film, even if it drags a bit in the middle.

Michael M (fr) wrote: A little too over-the-top at times and by now Pesci's character grates the nerves but the action is solid and Jet Li is a strong villain. Mel was also still well liked.

Pyry H (ru) wrote: Man, this movie was boring! Comedy? I'd rate this the ultimate sh*t. Although I like 90's movies, this was very lame.

Peter S (fr) wrote: Great story, music and location.

THEdjpluto (br) wrote: Not the greatest entry but it's certainly better than most sequels in the never ending series. Very gory and non stop entertainment.

Nicolas I (au) wrote: A brilliant introduction to Wes Anderson's style. Young Jason Schwartzman at his best!