Svensson Svensson - Filmen

Svensson Svensson - Filmen

Lena Svensson has been offered a new and exiting job in Stockholm that she can't say no to. But her husband, Gustav, has no plan of what so ever to move from his quiet little town of ...

Lena Svensson has been offered a new and exiting job in Stockholm that she can't say no to. But her husband, Gustav, has no plan of what so ever to move from his quiet little town of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony G (kr) wrote: This prequel to the #1 family classic of all time does have its unfortunate points, especially having a completely different studio release it.

Curtis L (kr) wrote: Had some interesting parts, but damn if it wasn't too long and repititious.

Maal G (gb) wrote: 'Heckler' is an eye-opening documentary that forces one to reflect on their actions. However, the main idea seems more and more watered down as the movie goes on and I lost interest. In addition, many of the interviews that are included in 'Heckler' seem to call anybody who has an opinion a 'heckler'. I most definitely will never watch it again but I suggest that everyone should try to watch it at least once.

intuciic (nl) wrote: little bit strange movie, but i liked it..:)

Andrew G (us) wrote: A romantic comedy that is actually clever, and two leads with bountiful charisma and chemistry.

Anna N (jp) wrote: Horror = Not interested.

Jordan J (it) wrote: So dumb and cheesy but it's so funny. That's why I gave this two stars and not zero. This movie makes the first one an amazing movie. 3.5/10 Pros: Cameo of someone special at the end, story ties to the first movie a little bit. Cons: terrible plot, just plain bad.

Brenda L (it) wrote: i liked this movie a lot more when i was a kid, somehow it's just not as funny now. definitely not one of the better stephen chow movies. i would recommend maybe shaolin soccer.

Logan M (fr) wrote: One of many "A Christmas Carol" spoofs, I wouldn't say it's "Christmas Vacation," but there's still plenty of laughs.

Heather P (mx) wrote: Favorite of the series; a must see for the musician slang.

Timm S (gb) wrote: Ohhh It Is Entertaining Enuff..Yeees It's Cliche, Yes Sam & Lily Look Just The Perfect Match Annnnnnd Yes, We Have Our Happy Ending...But Really, With A Title Such As This, What Else Could You Expect?? It Ticks The Boxes & Doesn't Drag It Out Too Long. As The Tag-Line Goes..Better Late, Than Never. An Expected Satisfaction.

Jiri B (us) wrote: Watched this film twice over the past 22 years: the first time to watch the first half, and the second time to watch the second half. It's a combination of awful dialogue and shallow acting by Gere, Roberts and Alexander. A terribly predictable and uninteresting story with really poor dialogue make this film both a cult classic and a really boring film!

Manu G (gb) wrote: For Carl, salvation turned out to be a tight squeeze! Good weird easily offending movie! The story of a preacher gone bad, a dead head turned believer, and a cast of character actors that are very well cast. It's a slapstick of a film, but we live in a world where that isn't enough. Great funny lines, incredibly fun acting. If you are looking for a fun night and need a video, this is it. I have to imagine this film might be more successful over time, and as people discover it. If you are a born again Christian, this might not be your cup of tea. Set in the world of mega-churches in which a former Deadhead-turned-born again-Christian finds himself on the run from fundamentalist members of his mega-church who will do anything to protect their larger-than-life pastor.

Bill B (us) wrote: Well, I'm pleased to say that Dana Andrews has yet to let me down with any of the Film Noir movies I've caught him in, and I'm happy to have crossed this one off the list.Great stuff, recommended.