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Vicki A (de) wrote: outstanding performance! and an interestingly played out bio. worth seeing ifyou like theatre.

Alex S (es) wrote: Jamesy Boy was excruciating to watch. Aside from, of course, a solid performance from James Woods, the movie suffers to many problems. The plot, story progression, and message are very familiar and we're apparently supposed to feel sympathetic for the main character, but we don't. Overall a waste of time.

Don S (br) wrote: This is about as B-movie as you can get. Poorly acted (again I say Tiffany should have stayed with singing, and Paul Logan constantly appears as if taking a dump might benefit his constipated features), utterly unbelievable effects, and a storyline not even the writer/director's mother could love. One hot mess that isn't even fun, which might have made it somewhat bearable. It is played seriously instead of tongue-in-cheek, and just fails miserably to reel you in.

Daniel L (ru) wrote: as a fan if the show this was pretty damn funny.

Rich R (mx) wrote: Is this a student film? I get that it's a good idea but the writing and acting are so amateurish and it's just one expository line after another, strange character behaviors switching from dead seriousness to silly joking around. One minute a character is ready to shoot someone and a few minutes later returns utterly rational and continues the ridiculously implausible dialogue with no explanation. The entire film is a poorly executed excuse to present an idea which is good but I don't think they could have possibly hired worse actors or pulled it off less plausibly. Seriously is this a student film?

Derek S (ag) wrote: very witty and clever

Claudette A (ag) wrote: This is a light entertainment movie. Nothing really that you could get your teeth stuck into.

Forrest P (au) wrote: This movie came out in 1959, was produced in Mexico, and even won an award for "Best Family Film of the Year" from some film festival. That is probably the most baffling thing I've ever heard in my life. While I was watching this film, I tried to imagine what it would be like if I was a twelve year old seeing this movie. If I was twelve, I would probably wet my pants and cry, assuming the first fifteen minutes didn't put me to sleep. The plot of this movie is so ridiculously confusing and unbelievably convoluted that it takes a certain skill to be able to relay the details of it without breaking into a spasm of incredulity. Santa Claus lives in outer space with about fifty children from every region of the world and he gets into a fight with a demon on Earth and consults the help of his friend, Merlin the Wizard. No, seriously. Yes, I'm assuming the writers of this movie were on mind-altering substances. No I don't know which ones, but the viewers may want to know where the filmmakers got them if they watch this movie for more than twenty minutes. There's incompetence with making a picture, and then there's shitty film-making on an aneurysm-inducing level. And then there's 1959's Santa Claus. This is easily one of the worst films imaginable. And the worst part isn't so much that it's just bad--it's honestly quite disturbing. I cannot imagine young children seeing this movie and sleeping that night. There is a scene in the movie in which a mechanical reindeer starts breathing steam and laughing maniacally. And that's one of the least-frightening images we get! In another scene, a dozen giant dolls dance completely out of sync around a young girl. Each doll has two face, one in front and one in back, and they talk to the girl and creepily tell her to steal toys from the stores. This is not charming. This is not heartwarming. This is terrifying and horribly misguided. And there are scenes in this movie that have absolutely nothing to do with the story they're trying to tell, like the dancing dolls I mentioned above. There's absolutely no reason for that scene to exist, except, perhaps, to terrify children. And there are a dozen or so scenes like that. There's a particularly baffling fifteen minutes early on in the film during which Santa Claus plays the piano while singing children make portray horrible stereotypes from different places from around the world, and a message appears on the screen to tell us where they are from, including: Africa, South Africa, China, Japan, USA, Orient (yes, they label it as just "Orient"), London, and even the home country of Mexico. This whole sequence is not only a little offensive to nearly every race known to man (therefore making it unoffensive, I suppose), but it makes absolutely no goddamn sense with the rest of the film. We only see three of those kids during the rest of the film and the rest just vanish. Why does it exist? Hell if I know. And the actors are awful. In my review of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, I named the Santa Claus in that movie to be its one redeeming quality. The same does not apply here. This Santa is a little creepy and obnoxious, and his laugh sounds more like a mad scientist's. So are there any redeeming qualities in this movie? No. Nothing. Nothing at all. In fact, everything about this movie reaches a new level of bad I wouldn't have previously thought possible. It's stupid, campy, disturbing, obnoxious, misguided, pretentious, and just plain unpleasant. Please, even my thrill-seeking readers out there just looking for a "so-bad-it's-good" laugh, don't try this movie. Don't. Just don't. It's not worth it, and you will probably end up like me, unable to sleep in days because of the nightmares of that damn laughing mechanical reindeer. 0/10

Michael W (gb) wrote: Brutal story of Playmate Dorothy Stratten, murdered by her controlling and estranged husband. Filmed at the actual home where the crime took place. Standout performance by Eric Roberts as Paul Snider, even resembles him quite a bit.

Dustin B (mx) wrote: JT's best movie hands down. I completely forgot he was a singer when I watched this is how believable he was.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Good movie. Suspenseful, good action, good twists, though one too many, with good performances from Travolta and Jackson.