Saudamini is a pampered girl until she is forced to marry the widower Ghanshyam and move into his large household. Saudamini cannot cope with her husband's overbearing and greedy stepmother and pines after the man she really loved and had to abandon, Narendra.

Shortly after Saudamani's birth, her dad passes away, leaving her in the care of her widowed mom, who re-locates to live with her elder brother in a small town. It is here that Saudamini ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Swami torrent reviews

Gman H (ca) wrote: Pretty dull movie, over the top in parts & unrealistic...but at least the acting was good.[5/10]

janet a (au) wrote: this film is absolute crap. if every character were wiped out it would be no loss. avoid!

Courtney K (ru) wrote: haha, if you want to watch a scary movie but don't actually like scary movies, you might like this one -- this was a very light hearted horror film. i don't know whether to categorize this as a monster movie or as a comedy; sort of reminds me of "Mars Attacks!" in that way. the monsters are pretty legit, too -- i've seen more "serious" horror flicks use worse depictions... overall, i enjoyed it!

Brandon R (ru) wrote: A fun crash-course on contemporary philosophy.

John B (de) wrote: Probably one of the better movies I have seen lately with a gay teen. Actually it was Excellent. A gay teen coping with being gay in high school. A must see if you like gay movies.

William E (us) wrote: I got the same feeling from this movie that I got from the Phantasm movies. I was left with one unanswered question: "Wait, what just happened?"

DapDap (au) wrote: Great movie cuz it got my man in it, Usher Raymond! Finest!

Joseph W (kr) wrote: This was such a wonderfully done film! Daniels & Paquin nailed it with the father daughter chemistry between them. The flying sequences were some of the most stunningly beautiful & amazingly realistic cinematography shots I've seen on film thanks to the brilliant work from cinematographer, Caleb Deschanel

Salena S (jp) wrote: This 2004 version of Dawn of The Dead pays respects to the original in a wonderful way, as well as taking on it's on dimensions. While the movie could have been executed in a better way, as well as taken a deeper route in terms of the ending - it is still a worthy remake of a classic we all love.

Red N (kr) wrote: anybody here from channel awesome

Miska J (mx) wrote: Average WW2 Naval Warfare film with nice cast (except for Edward Albert as Tom Garth who is horrible in his role.)

Brandon W (es) wrote: Real Steel is directed by Shawn Levy, and it stars Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, and Evangeline Lilly in a science fiction film about a one time boxer that is desperate to make money from controlling a robot to knock the other robot fighter down, but he's not good at it, he has to deal with his own son who he abandoned, and an old robot that's fresh out in the junkyard. I remember being excited for it half a decade ago, and liked it just fine. Since I came across it on DirecTV, I watched it, and still enjoyed it. The acting is great, and Hugh Jackman gives off a terrific performance as he usually does. I like the fact that the robots are animatronic when standing up, and computer animated when they're fighting as they both look really good. The plot is really nothing special as it's like your typical fighting film with a little bit of Rocky but with robots. The characters have enough development for me to care about them, and the action scenes are a lot of fun to watch. There are some interesting aspects of the way the robots are portrayed, but they're elements that you want to know more about, but weren't given much of an explanation. It is predictable, but you expect that from this type of film, and I like the chemistry between the father and son as they give off a lot of funny moments and good dialogue. Real Steel is a great film that could've given a lot out of the future aspect of the film, but it's still a fun one to watch.

Liam P (it) wrote: While it lacks the bite of McDonagh's debut "In Bruges", on it's own terms Seven Psychopaths is a sharp, gruesome and enjoyable romp with a humorous crime set that's more of less as an excuse to pick fun of genre tropes and film making in general.

Ryan K (it) wrote: Funny as hell and jam packed with real life lessons. Better not go unnoticed.

Christopher B (au) wrote: The rise & fall of a rascal who meets tribulations with a smile, not often understanding fully what's at stake.

Ryan H (ca) wrote: Despite its deficiencies, Shattered is actually a pretty entertaining film. It boasts a great cast and it's always nice to see Pierce Brosnan in anything, especially as a villain. Certain sections are way too over the top and can tip to just plain cheesy but the story is fast-paced and there several twists, a few that are good and a few that are predictable. Basically, this is a good movie to check out and it is a fun ride where not too much thought is involved. Even though this didn't get a wide release there is a lot worse stuff released these days than this thriller. Overall, I recommend renting it but not to expect too much from a rather elementary script. Maria Bello looks gorgeous as always if you need extra motivation and she can actually act to go along with her beauty.