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Andruw F (au) wrote: This is just above "so bad it's funny." But JGL gave a great performance, as always. I liked some of the director's choices, especially showing the time and showing JGL figuring out the fastest way. And putting arrows when he was doing that! And the script is fine, and some minor laughs. But aside from JGL, the other main cast gave awful performances, and what's sad is that Michael Shannon's was not only the worst, but it was a really bad performance. But in the end, it's mainly just bike chases that aren't very good. This is a pretty good time if you choose to catch it on cable. And the words they use to replace profanity will increase the entertainment value.

Tim M (gb) wrote: In the Realms of the Unreal, with a living artist. Exit Through the Gift Shop without the commercial success. An alcoholic is cured after a brutal beating severely damages his brain. He turns to doll therapy to cope with his situation. "Marwencol provides a deeply empathetic view of loneliness and powerful evidence of art as an outlet." Interesting and tragic, outsider art fans should dig it.

Justin D (de) wrote: I liked the second one better. Nice try perry

Perrine B (ca) wrote: trs beau film, avec trs peu de paroles. 3 histoires d'amour et de coeurs briss. Je recommande!

Tom F (br) wrote: You must see, if only to be traumatized by the Korean movie. Think "the little match girl" as seen on an acid trip.

Ferrycelion F (mx) wrote: I put three. That's enough.I'm not very like with the film ending.

KJ P (nl) wrote: I may be a sucker for a bad film, but this is not even categorized as a fun bad movie, it just plain sucks. Sure, some of the unintentional humour was hilarious, unless it was meant to be funny, but it definitely looked like they were trying. For it's time, the effects were not bad, but the plot and events throughout the film are just so random and dumb. They honestly make up new rules for the plot as it goes along. I felt like I was going to enjoy it more than I did in the first 20 minutes, but then every rule changes rapidly throughout each scene and just left me frustrated. When half of your movie does not make any sense, that means the film makers have failed. That is exactly what "Ghost Dad" is. Not even the performances could save it, because they are so goofy. Wow did this movie ever suck.

Miriam S (au) wrote: this is a cracker of a film full of education, each to their own, not many people can face up to the truth of this film.

WS W (kr) wrote: Apparently not my favorite Franois Truffaut's piece.

Les E (it) wrote: I can't get a wife so I'll just ride into town and kidnap one - great idea. The story is now (thankfully) very dated but the set pieces are still a joy. The barn dance was a real highlight.

Russell S (mx) wrote: Karl Urban convincingly copies the "down mouth" comic book look of Dredd which whilst accurate looks amusingly forced at times. However this is a great movie with a decent plot that is much darker, gruesome and interesting than the campy 1995 Stallone movie Judge Dredd. With a tight, clean running time and no pretentions above its station I had a great time watching this. Works well in 3D.

mike p (us) wrote: Set during WWII in the jungles of Burma. Peck plays A Canadian RAF pilot, Squadron Leader Bill Forrester, who suffers from 'shell shock'. Peck is quite good and he really makes the veiwer go through his dementia with him. But he over comes this with the love interest of a native woman. He goes on a small mission and ends up getting shot down in the jungles. The first half of this film drags a damn good bit. But once the survival story kicks in it becomes a real great adventure film. Not your typical war film, this is more of a survivalist film.