Director Andrew Kötting and writer Iain Sinclair sail a swan-shaped pedalo from Hastings to Hackney in London in the build-up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Swandown is a travelogue and odyssey of Olympian ambition; a poetic film-diary in which Andrew Kötting and Iain Sinclair pedal a swan-shaped pedalo from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney in London, via the English inland waterways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol S (gb) wrote: great family movie with laugh out loud moments

Andrs C (nl) wrote: como los otros... se aman... como los otros... se odian... como los otros... suean y despiertan... como los otros y como nosotros.... llenos de miedo y dolor, de sudor y de pudor... como los otros, nosotros, los otros de los otros pero nunca ojal de nosotros...

David F (ag) wrote: There's some wonderful material in the book this film is based on but the movie is mainly interested in showing football games, something Bissinger's well-written book mostly avoided in favour of much more interesting sociological analysis of small town Texas life.

Private U (au) wrote: An extremely well done movie. If you understand that it is loosely based on historical facts then you won't get all hung up on the few inaccuracies. For example, one reviewer objected to the medic carrying a rifle, but in real life medics were known to carry weapons, especially considering the scene where an ambulance crew was killed in the no holds barred German offensive. Medics aren't issued rifles, but are allowed to protect themselves and the wounded.The characters are appealing and their actions/dialog realistic. I was thoroughly entertained even though there were times that the movie was very sad. However, in the end, their goal was achieved and the movie had a nice ending.The only part that bothered me was the way the movie showed the massacre taking place. It showed the shooting starting by accident, when history has pretty much proven that the unit commander ordered the execution of the American troops because he wouldn't allow his unit to be slowed by POWs. It seems like this war crime was softened to make it more PC.Also of note, if you believe Deacon to be LDS, understand that many missionaries who served in peacetime Germany did pick up fluent German and served in the US army.

Matthew M (fr) wrote: Cars raises the Pixar bar even higher. This movie is down to earth and hilarious. The plot is great because you never see a big shot celebrity like Lightning McQueen ending up in a small city like Radiator Springs and wanting to stay there. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Carina K (us) wrote: The bleakest film I've ever seen. It's the anti-feel good movie. Left me with a feeling of pure emptiness and numbness.

Jason D (us) wrote: Trancers 4: Jack of Swords has Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson still) as a full-fledged time-traveling cop, working to restore the balance of time. His work got in the way of his marriage to Lena, which ended their relationship in the previous film, and now his work has ended the chance for his to rekindle a relationship with his first wife Allison, now with Harris (returning Stephen Macht). Somewhat depressed, Deth isn't able to stay in that mode for too long as an attack by an alien during time traveling causing destruction and throws Deth into another dimension where it's medieval times and the Trancers control all power, as they are able to suck the lifeforce out of humans. Naturally, Deth goes into kickass mode and starts taking them out, with the humans backing him up. This film was made back-t0-back with part 5, which could have just served as one long Trancers movie, but where's the fun in that. Other than Thomerson, and a brief appearance from a young Lochlyn Monro (Freddy vs. Jason), the cast is pretty much comprised of small time Full Moon movie regulars and generic Romanian extras. The film passes on futuristic action in favor of sword and sorcery and a large abundance of humor. The iconic 10 second watch weapon now gives off an adverse effect that comes off as both corny and hilarious at the same time, which after watching that, I can now see Thomerson as a former stand-up comic (which he used to do before films). It's still fun and definitely campy, but in a humorous sense. Don't look for major sci-fi action like the first 3 had anymore.

bill s (ag) wrote: The little war pic that could....good story with one great performance(Hackman0.

Kody S (mx) wrote: Hasn't the critics gone really mad?

I am A (kr) wrote: For a 80s comedy this is pretty bad, and not even the so good its bad kind.

Jon P (nl) wrote: Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale know their stuff when it comes to zany entertainment a la Back To The Future, and this little known early 80s gem is often overlooked in their oeuvre. Sleazy car salesman Kurt Russell and co. deliver laughs aplenty as they clash with jack Warden's cartoonishly crooked (and aptly named) rival, Roy L. Fuchs. Used Cars may not be as quotable and rewatchable as other 80s comedy classics, or other Zemeckis greats, but the director's signature charm thrives and, predictabilities and pacing problems aside, this film genuinely is 113 mins of fantastic family fun. Essentially, it's Police Academy with car salesman.

Victor O (us) wrote: A great propaganda film focusing on the ordinary people changing their lives to train and fight the Germans. All about the best ideals of democratic society.....heavy handed in that respect, but if people actually worked together that way today, well it WOULD be a better world. The Germans are incidental, the struggles of the individuals to become a professional fighting force and keep their humanity is the driving force of the film.

Evangelos C (ru) wrote: It's really charming, captivating and the resolution with reference to the actual people incredibly gratifying. A thoroughly good and well-acted film with a wide audience that leaves a very pleasant aftertaste, a great choice for a film to watch.