Swapaanam (Malayalam: സ്വപാനം) (English translation: The Voiding Soul) is a Malayalam film directed by Shaji N. Karun and produced by M. Rajan for Horizon Entertainments. The film features Jayaram and Kadambari in the lead roles,[1] alongside Siddique, Vineeth, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy in supporting roles. The cinematography was held by Saji Nair and music was composed by Sreevalsan J Menon, while the script was written by Harikrishnan and Sajeev Pazhoor, based on Shaji’s own story.[2] The film was screened in the Dubai International Film Festival.[3] The film released with Auro 3D sound in selected theatres, becoming the third Indian film to employ the technology after Vishwaroopam(Tamil) and 1- Nenokkadine (Telugu).[4]

The rhythm of life, even for a master drummer, can be disrupted as well as harmonised by love, passion, jealousy, hate and spite. Unni, a masterful chenda (a drum) player, is drawn to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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