SWAT: Warhead One

In Los Angeles, a special police force must stop terrorists with nuclear capabilities.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 100 minutes
  • Release: 2004
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In Los Angeles, a special police force must stop terrorists with nuclear capabilities

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Users reviews

Adam R (mx)

uess what; I was right!. WTF? I recorded this because I thought it would be terrible

Alex S (gb)

Too melodramatic by half though the actors sell it as far as they can

Daisy T (nl)

ked the direction. . . ash's best acting

Josh B (ca)

entertaining and fucking scary

Mariana A (au)

I cheered Joshua on the whole way!

Michael S (kr)

some people may find it a bit too meandering, but others will find it's subtle story enticing. An incredibly sad slow paced film

Minna S (nl)

All in all not a masterpiece by any standards but certainly one of the better Almodvars. Silly, outrageous and actually funny. A bit different Almodvar

rache h (br)

i really like this movie!

Ruben A (kr)

i cant b totally honest with this rating cuz i didnt c the whole thing, & it was a couple years (about 2) but from what i remember this is pretty legit

Spencer H (us)

For those critics who think this is a bad movie, you're not a movie critic. it is for everyone, families, film critics, and movie fans, if you are a fan of movies then you will like this movie. Hugo is pure and simply a masterpiece