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Swedish Tango


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Martina H (kr) wrote: A love triangle story told right....I absolutely enjoyed this movie. It is great to see an enriching underground art form such as poetry be the highlight of a film...the thing that causes love to form as well as diminish all in one breath. The natural chemistry between all characters helped bring the story to life effortlessly and made it very relatable even if you haven't experienced it directly. I feel all the actors did a fabulous with becoming their characters and staying true to their choices. This is a film everyone should see and support...it will definitely be part of my movie collection when it comes out on DVD!!! Two thumbs ????

Lora R (jp) wrote: The info above about this movie and the cast list are wrong.There is a Mappillai (1989 film) and also one from 2011 with Dhanush and Hansika Motwani. I'm reviewing the 2011 film.The movie was good and funny, but it reminded me of some other movies in which Dhanush played a similar role (Thiruvilayadal Arambam). The ending was very predictable, but I did like the comedy elements.Manisha Koirala performed well, she did a good job with the villain role.

Carlo N (gb) wrote: I would love to show this at movie night!

Hugo C (es) wrote: An unremarkable work from a remarkable Director

Lisa S (gb) wrote: Loved the message. Loved the music.

Bryan C (nl) wrote: A modern take on Hitchcock's classic Rear Window, with a bit of humor and teen romance thrown in. Shia LaBeouf reminds us how endearing he could be in his pre-crazy years, and Sarah Roemer (who I frankly never heard of before this) gives a charismatic performance as well. Grade: B+

Paul C (kr) wrote: Not that scary. They did add the typical horror pieces though. A sex scene, gore a guy in a mask. A somewhat twisted movie with not a lot of good acting. This movie could of been a lot worse so I give them credit for trying at least.

Drew C (au) wrote: Eriq La Salle and Sinbad = what what

Private U (ru) wrote: shittest film ive ever seen

Rebecca P (ag) wrote: We could all use a vacation to heal and rebuild our lives.

Flower P (ru) wrote: I love movies about this time period. This one was good.

Jordan J (ca) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie a whole lot. It leaves me scratching my head a little bit but this movie is really supposed to do that. The movie really isn't scary but it's interesting and has a good story. It's a good revamp of the original movie and is made pretty well. Chloe Meritz was really good as Carrie. Chloe just looks so innocent but then pulls off something that is pretty disturbing. Overall I really enjoyed this movie. It's a really good revamp for modern audiences and is worth checking out. A-

Augustine H (it) wrote: It follows the same track as "Gone with the Wind". In many aspects of course the latter is much better, but Bette Davis's performance is comparable with Vivien Leigh's.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Feels more like an off pace gangster flick without the mob.