• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Sweekar 1973 full movies, Sweekar torrents movie

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Sweekar torrent reviews

James T (br) wrote: Subtle dramedy with some familiar faces! Took me awhile to get around to finally watching, but I am glad I did. This story of teen and family alienation has smart writing, well-rounded characters, and true to life dynamics with some focused directing. Bitchy enough to bring the laughs, but sweet and real enough to keep it grounded. Worth checking out for a quiet movie night at home.

Dawnita R (ru) wrote: It's a okay time waster. It falls apart near the end which I believe is the point.

Karen H (ru) wrote: 2016-01-12 kids were great, so was Winter

Simon M (nl) wrote: Pretentious bollocks

Nate (it) wrote: omg......... wow........ wanna see this....

Javier V (au) wrote: Primero: un tache enorme al fotgrafo...p (C)sima de principio a fin, juego de correspondientes super mal hechas y el problema realmente no fue que los hubiera...puede haberlos...el problema es que son TAN obvios....no haba continuidad de la luz en las escenas...unas estaban sobreexpuestas mal plan.....eso s...a ninguna le falt luz.La historia: Prayers for Bobby versin que Bobby no se muere. Poco original, aunque el desenlace parecia algo prometedor...se pudo haber explotado ms a los personajes.Por cierto que todo, desde el inicio, parec una pelcula hecha para televisin ...no s (C) qu (C) tan cierto sea esto.Las actuaciones malsimas aunque s despedan una gran qumica los dos personajes principales.En general una mala pelcula.

Andrea L (mx) wrote: The actors in this movie are unable to act the characters' emotions (the only exception being the female lead) and so the whole film is just a blur where you don't understand anything. Don't waste your time.

Corey P (de) wrote: Passable but disappointing. 3 distinct portraits that give you the impression that these people have been demoralized and each in their own way are unable to bring the country back together, however only the first part is a truly gripping watch, with the 2nd and 3rd parts gradually feeling more impressionistic and distant, feeling more melodramitically arty and cinematic than actually looking at these people. So while not heavy handed overall, it wanders far enough into 'experimental' after starting out the gates so very strong.

Pradipta D (jp) wrote: Japanese really know how to make a tearjerker.

WS W (br) wrote: Lousy, & disturbing- from production filming, directing, acting, to the plot itself.

Thomas K (us) wrote: Despite the bad reputation this movie seems to have, I actually enjoyed it for the most part. There are a few moments that seem either predictable or cliche, and the movie probably should've been 20 minutes shorter, but in any case I still found the overall product to be worth at least watching once.

Tracy W (ru) wrote: Not bad. One of the better direct to DVD releases out there. Fast paced, plot driven but a little contrived with too many twists. Still though, I enjoyed it enough to recommend it to thrill seekers.

Brandon M (it) wrote: it was okay...granted i did watch it on AMC so it was edited...not as good as the first one...or even the 2nd one...but still good movie, the ending is crazy!

Richard L (kr) wrote: This movie is one of my favorites I recommend it

Jason M (de) wrote: Fascinating, atmospheric character study with one of John Hurt's best performances. Jason Priestley is very good here, too.

Nacho S (ca) wrote: Mitad folletn de amores imposibles, mitad folleto turstico

Dann M (es) wrote: "It's asking for the taking..." From director Mike Nichols comes the satirical office comedy Working Girl. When a skiing accident hospitalizes her boss, ambitious secretary Tess McGill takes her shot at the big time by posing as a broker in order to put together a business deal that her boss had tried to steal from her. Unfortunately the script is rather weak and unfocused, unsure of what kind of comedy it wants to be; romantic, fish-out-of water, etc. Yet enough of it works to make the film entertaining, and the performance by Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and Sigourney Weaver are especially good. Additionally, Carly Simon provides an excellent soundtrack that's quite soulful, and includes the pop hit "Let the River Run" (which is a perfect anthem for the lead character). It's a bit uneven, but Working Girl is fun and has a positive message about following one's dreams.

Greg W (de) wrote: Paul Robeson gives one of his greatest film performances in this arty, dated, but interesting 1933 adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's play.

Ray O (jp) wrote: While I love the story, it wasn't enough to make up for the awful writing and amateur acting.

Allan H (it) wrote: I learned more from pissing on the turds I left in the toilet than this soupy shithelm of a movie.