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Massimiliano M (us) wrote: What is the Internet for us today? An addiction, a sickness or an useful machine? Last Herzog's film is a masterpiece that it made me feel uncomfortable on how I live my life.

Laurence H (de) wrote: The ending left me slightly disappointed, but overall a story that kept you in.

Jordan W (ru) wrote: Amazing film, does the Northern Soul scene proud - Jordan Wilson AKA 'Monkey'

Guilherme V (gb) wrote: The first one was way much better. This one is worth watching only once

Tony D (fr) wrote: Mostly slow paced, though violent and merciless: a confusing story with way too many names to remember and plot twists

Kym c my community profile R (es) wrote: I heard of this awhile ago via MySpace I think they were doing some test run on there for it, it looked sort of like a horror movie but it's VERY mild if you want to even call it that. It's more of a suspense mystery thriller. That really they should have left it online! I think around 30 minutes into the movie I knew what the ending was going to, more or less be. Our lead character Jessica moves into a large building (which looks like an old hotel or asylum I have seen on one of those haunted places shows) and meets a few of a tenant that have a tendency to just invite themselves in, without knocking or otherwise. One of them a pregnant woman who is just way too perky & pushy has got to be the MOST annoying of the bunch unless the one with the camera always in your face is. Suspenseful yes but predictable.. however if you figure out what it is... still suspenseful D+

Michael S (au) wrote: Colin Farrell plays Syracuse, a fisherman who unknowingly nets Ondine, an ethereal beauty who to his surprise is alive... and to his dismay remains completely mysterious as to who she is and why she doesn't want to be seen by anyone else. Syracuse's young daughter, suffering from kidney disease, suggests that the secretive Ondine might be a Selkie; a (supposedly) mythical sea creature that can take human form when it falls in love at first sight with the right person. Syracuse is skeptical until his luck changes for the better, which he suspects may have something to do with Ondine's tendency to break into song (coincidentally a Selkie trait). Before long romance ensues."Ondine" is a beautiful modern fairytale, from the versatile and vastly underrated Neil Jordan. There's an elegance and poetic minimalism here that perfectly sells this simple and rather somber story. The lush Irish countryside pops through the lens of Christopher Doyle, and Jordan really establishes a time and place here. It all feels vividly real and indescribably dreamlike. Perfect grounds for a fairy tale. Colin Farrell plays an ex-alcoholic every man, and for an actor of such movie star charisma and uneven public opinion, it's always nice to see him disappear into smaller, less obvious fare. He's good here as always, but Alicja Bachleda as Ondine is such a striking presence; mystifying and completely synonymous with this film. Both however are outclassed by the young Alison Barry. Playing farrell's daughter she steals every scene with quick-wit and timing well beyond her age.The film's conclusion is the only thing that I can see really dividing viewers. Jordan takes things in a rather dark direction towards the end, and I can see this spoiling the established tone and charm for some. It's unexpected and akin to most classic fairytales, and I personally appreciated the change in pace. "Ondine" is so good that it even makes a few obvious cliches (the ex-drunk who starts to drink again for a little emotional manipulation/ the priest who acts as the main character's muse and is way more open-minded and understanding than actual priests) seem less than detrimental."Ondine" is a really good movie from one of the most underappreciated filmmakers currently working. A great find for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

Trevor K (br) wrote: Miami Vice sizzles and fizzles simultaneously. It lacks the scope and psychological depth of Heat and the momentum of Collateral. Yet it is a technical marvel that revels in its own visceral depth; gunshots thunder beside your ear; fastboats rumble and grumble like hungry bears; the lights of Miami and Havana glitter and dance seductively.But where has gone the existential dialogue of Heat? Where has gone the audience's quandary in truly feeling for amoral, even immoral, characters--the challenge we so readily accepted in both Heat and Collateral? Where has gone substance?The answer is that for Vice, style is the substance. Insight caves to sensualism to focus on what we see and hear. With Mann's craftsmanship, sensualism is often entertaining. His atmospherics are flawless. His soundscapes thrust us into the middle of events--but this sensualism is not enough to lift Vice to masterpiece. Its story needs characters that propel the story, not a story that propels the characters, and that is the vice of Vice. Events travel along and we feel they would occur with or without the hand of their participating agents.The acting convinces, but there is little for the stars to act with. And yet the film is so visually and audibly breathtaking, it must be considered above the pale of most films of its genre. In sum, even with Mann at the helm, craftsmanship is no replacement for genius. Miami Vice is a lesser painting from a proven master.

Michelle N (au) wrote: this movie has excellent production and a very thought-provoking premise. Pete really shows the childlike simplicity to the gospel message that we should all learn from; for this alone I thought this would be my new favorite movie. unfortunately he doesn't understand everything, and the movie doesn't resolve with the real Christian message I was hoping for. I highly recommend all but the last ten minutes of this film.

Muggsy L (ca) wrote: Wow! Bizarre just doesn't do this one justice. Alex Winter (of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) and Randy Quaid star in this VERY strange movie, full of bad jokes, comic violence and more fart jokes than you can count. If you're looking for something that's so bad it's good, this movie just might be for you. Oh, you also get giant rasta eyeballs with machine guns and Mr. T. in a dress.

Vanya M (ca) wrote: The Annihilation is entertaining enough for what it is: ninjas, fight scenes...

John M (de) wrote: Tremendously cool and gritty, strangely romantic.

Graydon B (ca) wrote: Still a fantastic science-fiction film, Alien is just a gory, fun, and even scary at parts experience. I still view this as one of the best science-fiction films ever made!

Sarah F (ag) wrote: This is such such a profoundly odd movie. I couldn't help but enjoy myself even though through most of the movie I felt like WHAT THE HELL MAN. I am pretty sure I saw the European version because there were certain things that were pretty clear in the version I saw that were supposedly vague in the U.S version. In something only Billy Wilder could pull off I can only describe it as charmingly perplexing.

Clare W (it) wrote: Absolute crap - cheap film but some light entertainment. Not one I would watch again!