Sweet Jam

Sweet Jam

Tuur, a shoemaker who fled his wedding anniversary, stays at his sister Josée, a familie outcast, and her friend Odette with whom she runs a cabaret. His wife Emma finds herself forced to look after her sick sister-in-law Gerda while runnig the shop.

Shoemaker Tuur is celebrating his wedding jubilee with his wife Emma. Although the whole family and village is happy to celebrate with them, Tuur doesn't feel like celebrating. The next ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (mx) wrote: if you were to take Oceans 11 remake and make a better script and hiest this would be the movie. Nicely put together and acted and it was funny. shitty thing was the editing though, throughout the whole movie you can see where it was spliced and tried to be put together but it was flawed since the people shifted some what for no reason. a good watch.

Nick A (us) wrote: This movie was unique, and terrifying, there's nothing worse then not even knowing what you afraid of. Great Movie!

Private U (ru) wrote: Tuturro excels in defining a character that is as brilliant as he is socially inept. Definitely for a more mature audience. Checkmate!

Hairy F (mx) wrote: A sexy man in a very sexy story.

Nick C (mx) wrote: Like a lovestruck anxiety dream.

Chris H (ag) wrote: A very by the numbers action/drama that does nothing spectacular but is good enough to keep the average action movie fan entertained. Overall a weaker entry in the Clint Eastwood filmography.

ANDERSON G (kr) wrote: "Back to the future" is the synthesis of the fun, the classic of the afternoon session in the 90s, Robert Zemeckis brings us one of the most fun movies in the cinema, of course, paint something of physics, but takes everything in jest, Is a movie without a big message but it is not empty, as a cinematographic work he has everything: script, soundtrack, photography, editing, mixing ... Starting with the script that deals with time travel in an extremely simple way, Light and fun, and incredible as it may seem, it is complete, not seedy anything to be desired, everything is very well resolved and the characters are all very well developed, besides leaving that good hook in a natural way. Another great point is the soundtrack of Alan Silvestre, she is epic and dictates the sound of the movie, and all the other tracks in the movie are unique, completely 80's, like the gray school photography, not to mention the performances that are all Characteristics, nothing great, but nobody leaves to desire here. Finally the film is spectacular in what it is proposed to do: Be a fun movie.

michelleseth s (kr) wrote: i wish that was me and my boy friend

Randy P (mx) wrote: Deliverance hasn't aged at all. In another 45 years, you can still say the same about it. Smart, bravura performances, crafted with care and delivers the story with force.

R S (ru) wrote: Great for it's bizarre, off-beat humor and copious cameos.