Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Jane, an HIV-positive heroin addict, meets Tony, a young AIDS victim with no family, and the two form a bond.

Jane, an HIV-positive heroin addict, meets Tony, a young AIDS victim with no family, and the two form a bond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ray T (au) wrote: The women were consistently funny. It wasn't the broad comedy that made me laugh. Their expressions and body language made me laugh a lot, especially Anna Kendrick. Her character was weird, unique and very funny.

Chris L (gb) wrote: tried to watch this movie twice and at both times it knocked me out.

Amber O (de) wrote: This is the only thing we could come up with in the Australian Film Industry, apparently.

rur B (jp) wrote: What a performance by Keisha Castle-Huges.

Christopher J (au) wrote: Pretty far fall from the older Asterix movies. This one features Asterix against very stereotypical Native Americans. (They portray everyone stereotypically, so it's not personal). The animation can be... okay (sometimes), but what really kills this puppy is the horrendous English dubbing. It's all done with very cheap sounding equipment and nobody sounds like they care or belong there. I know that Obelix is supposed to be a gentle (seeming) giant, but why does he sound a fourteen year old boy? Of all the Asterix movies I've seen so far, this is the worst one.

(mx) wrote: Even though I'm clearly aware of the issues a lot of people criticize (especially the fact that tom and Jerry both talk), they doesn't stop me from finding this movie decent. Sure there were problems with it but at least it has some good things. This is certainly not the movie ever made, it could've been much worse, but it also could've been better... the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in a movie, I also really like the animation. I think I'm one of the few people in this world who doesn't think that this movie is that bad. It's not terrible, nor is it great.

Phil P (au) wrote: Thankfully, the scenery is breathtaking, and the dynamic socio-political setting, however inaccurate historically, carries the story along. I can only assume that people giving high ratings to this film read the original story and filled in the countless gaps from memory. Catherine Deneuve and a couple other leads work miracles by creating some semblance of character out of thin air. Every supposed romantic relationship is a surreal surprise. Sometimes ending before we're given reason to feel they had begun. The twists & turns of the characters are arbitrary and incomprehensible. How can a film be described as a romance when development of relationships is virtually nonexistent. Despite a running time of 2.6 hrs, plus a voice-over narration (late addition to prop up an unintelligible early draft?), the film is a maze of gaps and non sequiturs. Did feuds between writers or directors mangle the script? Perhaps the gaps are due to a vengeful editor, who carefully cut & destroyed key development scenes. -The gaps are too complete to be accidental. It??s amusing to read various reviews and note the ubiquitous contradictory descriptions of relationships and character motivation. It??s not due to distracted viewing or poor notes- we simply have no choice but to puzzle and imagine for ourselves. Oddly, the chief of police is alone in being a well developed and believable character. Although mad, mouthing dialogue and taking actions explicitly contradicted by other parts of the film, Deneuve somehow manages to be believable. The others characters are just mad.

Jude P (ca) wrote: Nowhere near to Mad Max !

Trey L (es) wrote: Wow. To be honest I didn't know what to expect from a Hammer adaptation of the life of Grigori Rasputin. Production-wise it's the gothic style and bright colors one would expect from a Hammer period picture, but what really makes it stand out is Christopher Lee's performance as the title character. While I've not seen all of Lee's work (is that even possible? the man has well over 300 screen credits), of those I have seen his Rasputin might be the creepiest, sleaziest role I have seen him play. It's not a Hammer classic in the sense of their more famous horror/sci-fi output, but it is definitely worth a look, especially for fans of the inimitable Christopher Lee.

Michael S (fr) wrote: Recommended by Sheryl Cope

Andrew H (ru) wrote: This excellent period drama with a fine, restrained performance by Davis, an intense one by Boyer (who finally explodes in one scene where he shows his thorough hatred for his wife), and a marvelous performance by Barbara O'Neill as Fanny. I would thoroughly recommend this one for movie fans - a fine example of the best of Warner's historical films.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: out of about 50 or more movies of his that i own this one among all others was not a disappointment.

Jimmy R (es) wrote: A film that tells of a great phenomenon throughout the whole hour and a half, filled with very talented actors such as Donald Pleasance and of course Jennifer Connelly. Dario Argento brings a chilling and suspenseful horror story that leaves the main character "Jennifer" to act detective by finding a serial killer butchering students at her eerie Swiss boarding school...