Sweet, Sweet Rachel

Sweet, Sweet Rachel

An ESP expert uses his powers to try to track down a psychic who uses telepathy to commit murder.

An ESP expert uses his powers to try to track down a psychic who uses telepathy to commit murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sweet, Sweet Rachel torrent reviews

Marc L (ag) wrote: Un film de possession, un de plus. Ici, l'empcheur de vivre chrtiennement en rond n'est pas un bon vieux psychopathe des familles, un dmon mineur qui s'emmerde ou la petite soeur morte depuis des lustres, c'est une boniche irlandaise d'il y a deux sicles. Apparemment, c'est mchant et sournois, une boniche irlandaise. Bref, on ne demande pas un film de possession de rvolutionner le genre chaque fois. mais "Kill Katie Malone" est d'une telle pauvret visuelle et scnaristique qu'il faut un certain temps avant de se rendre compte qu'on n'est pas dans une comdie mais dans un film d'horreur supposment "srieux".

Soham G (es) wrote: The whole movie is just director Walter Salles pointing the camera down dark and mysterious hallways and alleys.

Jeff B (it) wrote: From top to bottom...AWSOME!

Kody S (de) wrote: Which film is better? Carnosaur or Jurassic Park? I have to find out what this movie is like.

Andi M (nl) wrote: I watched this movie over and over again with my mom when I was a little kid. Reminds me of my childhood :)

Zeb E (nl) wrote: Back when Piscopo was a hot commodity... DeVito's no slouch either, but at least the old man still pops up here and there and still picks up a pretty paycheck... funny flick.

George M (nl) wrote: low budget just hit a new low...

Vernice A (mx) wrote: I would have to disagree with the Critics Consensus. That is not to say that this film is flawless, just that this film tells the story of Vlad Dracule from a rather new angle. I've have seen most of the films (great, good, bad and atrocious) that deal with Vampires and this one had me sympathizing with Vlad. Not a usual occurrence. We get to know how this man became a monster, repented, lead a redeemed life, until his past came knocking at the door forcing him to become a real monster to save his family. He even tried to die for them, which was all well and good, if not for a sycophant with dreams of glory. Now for the negatives, and there are some biggies. The script ignores the part of the myth about how Vlad did not leave the impaling back in Turkey (otherwise known as the Ottoman Empire), he filled the ramparts of his castle with the heads of his enemies. A few other strange script choices: why stop to make an elaborate camp during the desperate flight to safety; why take a route to safety that leads them to a HUGE cliff instead of to the monastery; why leave any entrance to the monastery unguarded; why waste his last night of power instead of zooming out and eliminating the rest of the army???Even with those bloops, this was an enjoyable film.

Paul F (fr) wrote: While it has its moments, this movie is ultimately an unfunny effort from an Adam Sandler who is simply trying to make some extra pocket cash.

Thomas C (kr) wrote: For once, Tim Burton manages to make a movie that isn't entirely made of candies and sugarsticks, and manages to blend horror with whodunit elements, nice visuals and great acting in the movie that might be his only true and authentic gothic effort.