Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

After saving a Black Panther from some racist cops, a black male prostitute goes on the run from "the man" with the help of the ghetto community and some disillusioned Hells Angels.

After saving a Black Panther from some racist cops, a black male prostitute goes on the run from "the man" with the help of the ghetto community and some disillusioned Hells Angels. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song torrent reviews

Wigfor W (ag) wrote: Fantastic! Worth the wait!

Matthew H (ag) wrote: Some of the worst acting I've ever seen.

Albert v (jp) wrote: Informative documentary, but too gentle on him. It's like he had too much saying in the final result. Expected more.

Giorgio F (ca) wrote: Fa ridire, commuove, ma annoia e infastidisce anche. Di certo non "magnifico". Anzi la sensazione di aver visto un film in cui sono messi assieme a forza pezzi e racconti dissonanti tra loro. Il risultato instabile, con scene prevedibili, a volte senza senso (la cosca di Platinette!?). Tutto sembra slegato e confuso. Pessima scrittura insomma che fa affondare il film nella mediocrit.

JT K (br) wrote: Intriguing indie horror flick. The film's very nature doesn't lend itself to being terribly accessible; it feels more like an anthology than a straight narrative - each segment may contain the same characters in the same situation, but each section is written and directed by a different person. This causes the tone to shift wildly between straight-up horror and dark comedy. Yet it works in it's own way, and at the very least it's never dull (if slightly overlong). Worth checking out if your into the of-kilter

Michael V (es) wrote: This is like Office Space but with assassins. There's plenty of star power here but, while some of the actors were delightful, others were completely underused. Being a battle royale of sorts, the deaths kept piling up and therefor some brilliant actors like Bob Odenkirk had very little screen time. In the end, it's all about what you're expecting. Operation Endgame is no Oscar contender. This is mindless fun with a bit of action and gore in the middle and the film clearly doesn't take itself too serious and in my opinion it succeeded in what it intended to do which is, to entertain. To which I was quite entertained. Plus Emile De Ravin was great and mmm sexy Maggie Q. Love her. Plus Ellen Barkin keeps living up to her cougar status.

Chris S (br) wrote: It's not that great and for an independent film, it seems to be so cliched and typical. The actors and actresses are great but the story is so simple. In the end, it turns out to be a very ordinary movie. It doesn't bring anything new but I guess it is still an interesting and enjoyable film.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: A solid film thats really well made.

Jonny P (ag) wrote: "As Good As It Gets" is really good, but certainly not as good as it gets. The story is unique and interesting, complete with Oscar-winning performances by Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, but I found a lot of the comedy to lie in an awkward area between serious social issues and ironic dark humor. I don't know if it is the fault of the writers or the difficulty of writing a racist, homophobic, OCD character, but the tone of the film seems inappropriate at times. Still, there cannot be enough praise given to the acting. Nicholson and Hunt are magical together, to the point where the creepiness of their extreme age difference is barely an afterthought as the story progresses. Hunt has a great crying scene, Nicholson flips out on a bunch of people, and that's what we really want out of this film. Their chemistry is everything that you would expect from these great actors, but Greg Kinnear is a great surprise. His emotional and unfortunate existence earned him an Oscar nomination (which will also probably be his last, due to his sour grapes toward not winning). The film contains one of my favorite lines of all time: "You make me want to be a better man." It might not seem like much out of context, but its simplicity is perfectly matched with Nicholson's delivery in the film. It isn't my favorite film and definitely did not deserve to beat "Titanic" in the 1998 Academy Awards, but "As Good As It Gets" is one of those films that has become a staple in the repertoire and everybody needs to see it at least once.

Kristie (mx) wrote: Can I Have This As My Quiz

Wesley W (ag) wrote: The film was ok 76% holy shit that a good rating 10/10 weird monster but good film

Jbells16 B (gb) wrote: Hard to follow and feels rushed.

Sam B (nl) wrote: started watching it, then realised it was a bit of a kiddies picture, and I couldn't take it seriously when I could see Roddy mcdowalls teeth whenever he opened his mouth

Nicole G (au) wrote: Not bad....cast was good....very slow at the beginning, picks up in the second half....great ending....and pretty good character development throughout.....

Shane S (ru) wrote: An engrossing look into one of psychology's most famous series of studies into the nature of obedience and authority. I came into this movie knowing generally what would happen, but that did not detract at all from the experience. No particular actor steals the show, but this is not a criticism. The acting is so uniformly excellent that it is hard to pick a true front runner. The findings of this study are well ingrained into the fabric of society at this point, but the movie really brings to life the terror of the experiment that taught us the lesson. The quick and troubling transformation of the characters is almost unbelievable to watch. If this movie was not grounded in a real experiment, you would likely not believe it. As a statement piece, it will make you think about the ramifications of the experiment on your understanding of obedience and authority. As a film, it is an excellent display of acting talent, strong camera work and a good eye for the small details that make the setting feel all the more real.

Zakk S (es) wrote: Not the best. Not the worst