Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine


Ivan, bandit sans envergure, croise le chemin de Sonia, jeune provinciale fraîchement arrivée à Paris. Dès le premier regard, il la déteste. Dès le premier regard, elle s'entiche follement de lui. C'est décidé : cet homme cruel sera son prince charmant, son héros, l'homme de sa vie. Et si Ivan a la haine tenace, Sonia a la patience d'un ange. Ou celle d'un démon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas M (de) wrote: A surrealist and strange film of black humor, another dark work of Dhalia.

Gordon H (gb) wrote: A Worthy Follow-up to the Hit TV Show!Originally Written on March 28, 2014--I loved this movie. I loved it not just because I'm a Veronica Mars "marshmallow," or because I donated money to the Kickstarter cause that in part funded this film. I loved it because it had everything in it that I enjoy seeing when I go to the movies -- a great cast, a great script, terrific well-rounded characters, and a great mystery. And that's why I paid my hard-earned money to see Veronica Mars on the big screen. And you know what? It was worth every penny! To Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, and all of the rest of the cast and crew of this project I say thank you for never giving up hope and for believing that this little detective show could actually turn a profit at the box office. You guys rock!

Tim M (fr) wrote: Bloated with filler and annoying music. "Plays like a publicity stunt for its secular stars."? Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

jose b (ca) wrote: comedia inteligente. estilo woody allen triangulo amoroso, con referencias artisticas y personajes "sabiondos" y a la vez complicados y confluctuados x si mismos. me enamore de la actriz principal. este es mi primer review.

Joel One day Ill do great things (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Remember, a good lie is in the details!

Jordan A (br) wrote: How the hell does Jamie Foxx get a Oscar after making crap like this?

Steve D (au) wrote: Interesting and well acted not the best for either actress but still enjoyable

Brian K (ru) wrote: Wasn't too bad, but not really my thing.

Michael W (de) wrote: Excitement for Dudikoff's return is dashed quickly, subpar effort with another terrorist plot utilizing an army of ninjas. Steve James is sorely missed; Bradley's role seems written for James, film really would make more sense if James plays Bradley's part.

Mayank A (nl) wrote: The story is dull, the pacing extra slow, making it a very bleak movie. Watched it based on the great reviews and ratings and am disappointed.

Sarah L (ru) wrote: A feast of great songs and dance numbers!! An appearance from Tom & Jerry as well!! Sinatra and Kelly are gorgeous as well! :)