Swept Away

Swept Away

Stranded and alone on a desert island during a cruise, a spoiled rich woman and a deckhand fall in love and make a date to reunite after their rescue. He is stood up.

A rich woman, Raffaella, and some friends rent a yacht to sail the Mediterranean Sea during summer. The sailor, Gennarino, who is a communist, does not like this woman but has to bear with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kay L (gb) wrote: Good, but wanted more. Memoire?

Jenna I (kr) wrote: This movie was too silly for me, it never creeped me out. Maybe because I have a vagina.

Sandra A (es) wrote: Colombiana is a typical Besson movie.Action packed, not too much ambition beyond an hour of entertainment.Zoe rocks in the skin of a girl looking for revenge.A killer with a killer body!

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Kind of depressing drama starring Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams about a dysfunctional married couple

Michael S (fr) wrote: Wow, talk about a modern masterpiece. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days is one of those films I don't see leaving me for a very long time, if ever. It's so painful, so natural, so beautiful and sad and frustrating and a million other things. The acting, combined with the long, structured takes, makes this one of the best films I've seen lately. I know I'll be thinking about this one for a while. Watch it.

Private U (ag) wrote: jag syftar hr p takashi miikes "imprint", riktigt sjukt med originella scener med crackpverkade skdespelare?

Alex S (au) wrote: March of the Penguins is one of the greatest documentaries ever made as well as easily being my favorite. Points have to be given for the crew for enduring the extreme conditions that they did, but anyone can go down to Antarctica, it all depends on the pay off. What the filmmakers came back with was stunning photography of otherwise unseen life and a moral center that forces us to question our own existences. An absolutely necessary viewing.

A Mark W (es) wrote: Sweet, funny, eccentric and memorable. Not your typical romantic comedy, the Mrs. and I watched this twice. One of those films that's low budget, and better for it. As a side note, the subtitles (while not verbatim) are really well translated.

Derek T (us) wrote: all disney channel original movies are bad. only thin that came out good i high school musical. but this movie is not that bad.

Dustin D (fr) wrote: Run Lola Run is energetic and cleverly cuts through parallel timelines, but I had a hard time getting involved with the characters. It's a bold and enjoyable movie, overall.

Baurushan J (fr) wrote: This movie was amazing and surprised the hell outta me. This is Universal Soldier starring Col. Guile: Jean-Claude Van Damme and Ivan Drago: Dolph Lundgren (and directed by the famous Roland Emmerich who will later know for future disaster movies such as Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 10000 B.C. and 2012). Anyway the story is about Luc played by JCVD and Scott played Dolph who are both rival soldiers and are each shot dead during a duel. But they are taken away by the Government and regenerated to be made into robot-like near-perfect soldiers known as Universal Soldiers. But both Luc and Scott get their memories back of the moments before they died and Luc escapes first which causes Scott to chase after him. Luc meets Veronica played by Ally Walker which encourages Scott to try and kill Luc even more with his newly found girl and this causes a wild chase. This film was amazing and I mean amazing. Yeah I know Stargate, Godzilla and Independence Day were Roland Emmerich's earliers but if you want to go into his actual very first movies, then check this out. Universal Soldier gets a 8.5/10.

Logan M (ca) wrote: Bigger, badder, and above all, better, "Judgment Day" sets an example of how a sequel should outdo its predecessor.

Alexander Z (ag) wrote: When watching Prayer of the Rollerboys, I desperately wanted it to fall into that special category of so-good-it's-bad, which is where a lot of cult classics end up. Unfortunately, it doesn't. It's just a little too bland to make it there. There are just a few too many scenes that make it nearly unwatchable. But, it is also absolutely unique, and you can't go wrong with getting a few friends to watch an absolutely ludicrous plot setup, R-rated violence that seems not to belong, and a pre-fame really hot Patricia Arquette.

Logan M (mx) wrote: An instant classic & standard setter for anime films, "My Neighbor Totoro" is an amazing portrait of childhood innocence.

David S (gb) wrote: The play written in the film by de Sade is dull. The right-on-cue breakdowns of the play by the instability of the inmates performing it is unsurprising and adds no tension to the plot. The meta-conceit of equating actors as persecuted but mentally deranged, directors as obsessive-compulsive sadists, and producers as sycophants afraid to take risks works better as written than played.

David J (nl) wrote: Colin Farrell was fantastic in this dark-comedy, seamlessly switching between indignant childish squawking and guilt-ridden melancholia. The film was full of hilarious and preposterous dialogue, and its a fun ride even if you never really feel like you got anything once the credits begin.

Juls XD H (br) wrote: maybe the kids don't understand the deep of the movie but to who understand has a great messages... a cute history

Kurt A (jp) wrote: Every once in a while you watch a movie that reminds you why you watch bad movies in the first place. This is one of those movies. With the perfect blend of leotard hip thrusting and safety pin stab wound death sequences Aerobicide is one experience you're likely to never forget.I'll set it up for you. Rhonda has a workout place called ... Rhonda's Workout. People start dying there in bunches. Dim witted detective Morgan is on the case! After stumbling blindly from one victim to the next he finally pieces together who the killer is. But will he be able to stop their master plan? Nah.You know, I think the writer of Death Spa must've ripped this movie off. Think about it. Death Spa came out a year later in 1988 with a very similar premise. A health club killer. Don't believe me? What about this still? Look at what is spray painted on the window! Where Death Spa is about possession and technology, Aerobicide is about good old fashioned mindless slaying for the sheer sport of it. So I guess we now have the luxury of choosing which 80's health spa slasher movie we'd rather see. An odd parallax if I do say so myself.The killer in Aerobicide uses an oversize safety pin to stab their victims to death. What a great idea. I can guarantee you that is original to this movie. Before this I doubt that idea ever left the napkin storyboard stage. In Aerobicide however, the idea is fully "fleshed" out. So this guy named Chuck Dawson (played by Ted Prior) takes it upon himself to stop the madness. Right from the word go we see what a stand up guy he is. He punches a guy senseless and ditches his first day on the job at Rhonda's Workout to have sex. He mops well and does a decent job of hiding in bushes. He doesn't see the crime in breaking and entering as long as it for a good reason. He likes to punish the innocent harshly, in the face, based entirely on incomplete situational knowledge. Everything goes pretty well for Chuck until he rams his body into a muscle car and a man with a large pointy object. Other than that though, he totally had it covered. What a guy.So what makes this movie such a good time to watch? Everything. The mindless slaughtering of hordes of deservingly ham fisted youths is a good reason. Or you could always just watch it for the fantabulous aerobic workout dance numbers. Either way you win. I highly recommend getting together with your friends and popping this schlockfest into your "conveyance of video joy" device as soon as possible. You won't soon regret it.