Based on Gordon Korman's book 'Swindle,' this movie is about a boy named Griffin who finds a valuable multi-million dollar baseball card. After accidentally selling the card for a million dollar loss, he enlists the help of his best friend Ben and his colleagues to regain the baseball card.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Swindle tells the story of Griffin, a boy who finds his friend's valuable baseball card. After accidentally selling the card to an unscrupulous collectibles dealer for a million dollar loss, he enlists the help of his friends to regain the baseball card. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared M (kr) wrote: A film described as a raunchy comedy on the Sky planner, it seems to be an elementary level parody of failing school films. The word raunchy is not really applicable in this case, it is on the whole crude and childish...some mildly amusing lines don't come close to rescuing what is in essence not that good. The acting is pretty poor, I really haven't found a film where I like Rob Coddry, maybe that just means he is a great actor? The majority of the decent acting comes from the children...everyone finds amusement in children saying things that you would expect from adults. Not that funny, and not too good.

Kaoru K (mx) wrote: I really want to read the books of Erik and Sabriye

Joseph H (nl) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Miguel R (de) wrote: sad movie. well acted though, and the the plot was decent.

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Ricardo H (de) wrote: I did not enjoy this movie at all. I understand the issues that the movie tried to present to the viewer, but the problem is that it did it badly, without originality. I did give it 2 stars instead of 1 because of the character of "Destiny," who was actually very well done

Zenaida J (us) wrote: Good movie, first time I watched it.

Tim J (es) wrote: Has some power. Now read the book.

Marko S (nl) wrote: too long and too boring. pollack certainly didn't make yet another trendy race movie. no, he made a pathetic melodrama about a dying wacko, and a control freak race-driver. one of the worst pollack works, and also one of the palest al pacino's performances. avoid this if you want to live.

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Bradley P (ru) wrote: If you can find the un-dubbed version, hilarity is bound to ensue. The film is awful, but everyone gets a start somewhere.

Cedric L (nl) wrote: Simple idea made entertaining by slick directing and Tom Hardy's focused performance.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: A fairly standard western, this is made a bit more interesting by the solid casting. Richard Boone, Anthony Franciosa (not James Franciscus!), Stuart Whitman, and James Brown in his film debut are all quite good. Nothing new to add to the genre, but worth a watch if you're in the mood.

Phillip D (es) wrote: Despite a 60% rating on my part, I really admire Z for Zachariah for its principle. To my knowledge, the whole apocalypse love triangle is a new concept, with most post-apocalyptic films opting to avoid romance (and greenery) entirely. Z for Zachariah opts for a much less dreary approach and in terms of setting, succeeds wonderfully. However, the writing and cast chemistry suffer here. Ejiofor is clearly the star of the show, bringing a gravity and emotion that Robbie aspires too and Pine misses entirely. The writing factors in to uneven character development as well, with the lingering feeling that Pine and Ejiofor's characters seem to switch places at times, while Robbie goes from sheltered to sexy in 6 seconds flat. The results are uneven and more than a little bit slow and repetitive at times but again, I admire the film's original premise and more than a few good moments.

Ethan H (au) wrote: Improves on the first in terms of story and humor.