Swing Girls

Swing Girls

A tale of delinquent and lazy school girls. In their efforts to cut remedial summer math class, they end up poisoning and replacing the schools brass band.

A tale of delinquent and lazy school girls. In their efforts to cut remedial summer math class, they end up poisoning and replacing the schools brass band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (jp) wrote: I loved this film, so hilarious and so sweet. Eigh year old Harry and his five year old brother Davy have to live in Nova Scotia with their aunt and grandparents after their father dies. The two want a dog, but their strict grandpa won't let them have one. One day, Harry finds a baby in the woods so the two decide to keep it a secret and try to raise it. This is such a wonderful film, John Whiteley and Vincent Winter are pretty much the cutest kids in the world, especially Winter (Davy) and I love that the two won Oscars for it. The ending is so sweet and perfect. And man, Davy delivers one of the funniest lines I have ever heard in a long time. It's so sad that this movie is so impossible to find.

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(nl) wrote: Cast: Devon Bostick, Scott Speedman, Arsine Khanjian, Rachel Blanchard, Noam Jenkins, Kenneth Welsh, Aaron Poole, Katie Boland, Duane Murray Director: Atom Egoyan Summary: Assigned to translate a terrorism-related news story for his French class, teen Simon (Devon Bostick) weaves personal details into his tale, which soon leaves the Internet swirling with rumors that Simon's dead father was an actual terrorist. Acclaimed auteur Atom Egoyan's haunting and lyrical drama -- cleverly structured as a mystery -- also stars Scott Speedman as Simon's caretaker uncle and Arsine Khanjian as Simon's persistent teacher. My Thoughts: "The story is a dialogue driven film with discussions surrounding terrorism, religion and prejudice. This boy Simon, has, with some help from his french teacher, fabricated a story into making his father out to be a terrorist. It was suppose to be a french assignment about putting the story into your own words as the teacher is reading it aloud. SImon writes it as the third person, as if he was apart of it. His french teacher encourages him to go further with it as a drama piece and to not reveal that it is all fabricated. But as Simon continues telling the story, his own story gets tangled within it and the lines of truth and lies become a bit blurred. Also the french teacher has her own secret and reasons for having him explore this lie/story, but you will have to watch the film to figure it out. The whole film is completely absorbing. It can also be confusing at times with the flashbacks. But definitely worth the rental."

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Lisa S (ru) wrote: The VHS I watched was 4.5 hours long and is from a TV mini-series. Whole thing could have been better edited. Still, the principals all turned in solid performances. The stockade segment has too many beatings for my taste; I wouldn't recommend for anyone under 14. Joey Pants stood out as the soldier who couldn't keep his mouth shut. Somehow, I found the very ending a little flat maybe because of the narration of the hero, not too sure. I enjoyed the Pearl Harbor bombing scenes; the planes seemed realistic to me...