Swing it, fröken!

Swing it, fröken!

There is a new English teacher in school, Miss Lind. She moves in with the Nilssons, whose son Sigge prefers playing with his trumpet than to study German. Miss Lind convinces him how ...

There is a new English teacher in school, Miss Lind. She moves in with the Nilssons, whose son Sigge prefers playing with his trumpet than to study German. Miss Lind convinces him how ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (es) wrote: J'ai trouv a trs ympa mme si Cali est nul comme acteur, rien voir avec ses shows sur scne ; l il est nunuche mais le film est vraiment bien.

John Eric D (de) wrote: Its very watchable, feels like I know what will happen at times but overall its better than expected. With Denzel on it its all good.

Conan Patrick T (it) wrote: Great pilot for the TV series which is definitely better. Good enough for a standalone feature film.

Todd S (nl) wrote: There's something so amazing but also so sad at the same time. This film really showed you how much someone with a special gift has to give up, just to remain special. The story was great, but as a movie it was choppy and jumped around a lot leaving many things unfinished. Entertaining and worth watching? Yes. One of the best films I've seen? No.

Jim T (nl) wrote: Saw this one based on Patton Oswalt's comedy bit calling it out as the film he can't believe anyone ever made. The movie is so bad and unexplainable and confusing that I can't help but rate it highly. If nothing else, rent it to see the 3 minute scene of a victim crawling away from the bed that eats people (seriously. 3 minutes) and a scene of a man contemplating his skeleton hands.

Xander S (gb) wrote: I never really liked Liza Minnelli. There, I said it. But there is something about her wide-eyed, innocent arrogance that makes her click as Sally Bowles, a dubious supporting character from Christopher Isherwood's "Goodbye to Berlin" who somehow became the center of attention in "Cabaret," its musical adaptation. But even without her unrestrained performance--which feels like a blessing half the time and a curse the other half, but is never unremarkable--this would be a top-notch film musical. The direction (by Bob Fosse) is impeccable, even if he does rip off his own "Sweet Charity" for a few moments. Every little piece of music and even the tiniest little detail does something to propel the narrative forward in a way that few other directors have ever consistently managed, from the dinginess of the cabaret to the varied levels of enthusiasm expressed by its cavorting dancing girls, from the beautifully edited opening number, "Wilkommen," to the intercutting between a mock boxing match inside the club with a brutal Nazi assault outside. Fosse's choreography is similarly flawless, captured in a vibrant and imaginative way by master cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth. Michael York and Helmut Griem shine as much as they can with so much of the spotlight hogged by Sally, but the real attraction in the cast is Joel Grey as a sly, devious, tantalizingly mysterious Emcee who invites us into a world that we know will shortly become a very dangerous place. And through the dazzling music, gorgeous design, cinematography, and innovative editing (dare you not to feel a chill at the quick cutaway to the Emcee towards the end of the Nazi anthem "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"), we know it without having to be told. A credit to the musical genre and quite possibly one of the best-directed films of all time.

Ugly T (ru) wrote: this is not a thriller... it's a funny movie! Aliens wants to pick up a lot of bikini girls and the Monster is a hero (ehhmm he's too outta mind...!) There's to save babes and to destroy alien monsters! nice 60s beat music soundtrack (and i know it better).

Natalie M (ag) wrote: H.G. Wells is such a brilliant writer of science fiction.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Although set in the 80's and 90's, the production itself feels a little old school too from that period.

Jacob F (ru) wrote: I did not enjoy this at all, couldn't hold my attention. The first was so much more enjoyable.

Peter B (ag) wrote: The football scenes are entertaining but everything else in this cheesy cliche ridden movie is painful.

Ronald S (au) wrote: The second movie of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life is less interesting than the first one (Decameron). Still it's beautifully photographed and realised.