Swing Shift

Swing Shift

In 1941 America Kay and her husband are happy enough until he enlists after Pearl Harbor. Against his wishes, his wife takes a job at the local aircraft plant where she meets Hazel, the singer from across the way the two soon become firm friends and with the other girls become increasingly expert workers. As the war drags on Kay finally dates her trumpet playing foreman and life gets complicated

A woman finds romance when she takes a job at an airport plant to help make ends meet after her husband goes off to war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill N (ca) wrote: rubbish! this theme was much better explored in 'crossing over'!

Kamal H (it) wrote: Bullshit. Zero. Nothing else to say.

Kristen S (ca) wrote: whether or not you'll like this documentary depends entire on whether or not you like alan moore. and not his works, but HIM. his philosophies, his thoughts on the cosmos and the kabbalah and being a mage. personally, although this all sounds pretty crazy, moore manages to parse everything down to the most elemental, sensible arguments. if you really listen to what he's saying, it's almost impossible not to agree with him. that being said, the docu style here is very slow-moving, as everything is pretty much just a spoken word piece over some nicely-photographed images of london and viz. effects of like, occultist imagery. i would guess the experience would probably benefit from some psychedelic drugs.

Diane S (mx) wrote: U know what?These guys need to get creative..this movie was modelled on 'Soul Food' it just oozes soul food thru n thru...

Lorne L (es) wrote: A reboot. A re-imagining. A ripoff. Completely missed the point of horror.

Art S (de) wrote: Jacques Tati is back as Monsieur Hulot, a bumbling trickster figure (of sorts) who charms children but frustrates many adults. Yes, there are echoes of Chaplin here in that Tati's comedy is physical and the film could easily be silent (except the witty use of sound effects would be lost), but there are no attempts to be sentimental -- wistful perhaps but not sentimental. In Mon Oncle, Tati contrasts the France of days gone by with the coming of new modern technologies (including a fully automated house and...plastics!). I laughed more at M. Hulot's Holiday but there are a few good setpieces/gags here too.

James H (br) wrote: This is a really great and overlooked film. This is Errol Flynn's best performance and Ward Bond is the best among the excellent supporting cast. Very well made, fine direction by Raoul Walsh. It's Flynn's film all the way.

oxana (es) wrote: A slightly strange, bizarre movie. It felt like the camera work and plot were slightly off their medication as well.The beginning of the movie made somewhat more sense than the rest of it, but it was a bit jerky. Sure, that was the style that was maintained thorough the entire film, and while it was kind of fascinating, it also made the movie confusing - which wasn't good at all.I watched this movie to see Milo Ventimiglia, I admit, and in that respect I don't regret watching the film at all. Milo as Rick was strong, arrogant, smart(ass), and fantastic to look at.Rhys Coiro as John, on the other hand, was shaky, and totally off his rocker most of the time. His character was supposed to be messed up, I get that, but in the end it just didn't work out that well.Not the worst movie I've seen, and there were some good moments in the fast-paced plot, but all in all it was a bit too jerky and insane for my tastes.I liked the music of the movie, though. Might buy the soundtrack.

Shawn H (jp) wrote: This was silly, acting was horrible, special effect not bad for the time. But had it not been for Lewis as the director, then there would be no Saw, Hostel, or any other gory movie being made today.