Swing Vote

Swing Vote

In a remarkable turn of events, the result of the presidential election comes down to one man's vote.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:band,   bible,   race car,  

Bud Johnson, a beer-slinging loser, has one bright spot in his life: his precocious daughter, Molly, who takes care of them both. When the mischievous antics of Molly result in the outcome of the United States presidential election hinging on the vote of Bud, he is reluctantly thrust into the national spotlight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose Maria C (us) wrote: Complete RUBBISH.It amazes me to read reviews for this movie along the lines of:"Raw" "Extraordinary" "Sleek" etc etc etc...Is this a foreign film that makes you think about the consequences of the (fake) drug war in Mexico, reflect upon the countries idiosyncrasy, and have you develop insight as to why it all became such a blood bath?No. The movie is senseless. It shows nothing. Means nothing. Evokes nothing.This was a slow, pointless movie that sought to exploit the reality of rural Mexico. The poverty, lack of proper schooling, culture and education. The acting is terrible. More so, the "actors" do not act at all! Just empty, 3 word sentences as dialogues, no creativity whatsoever. Sexuality is crude and tasteless, with no meaning or purpose for the film.Violence is just a circumstance. You don't see any before or after, the how's and why's of it all.I'm glad didn't pay to see this (had free tickets) piece of garbage.

Andy V (nl) wrote: It's basically a ripoff of Battle Royale, but still reasonably entertaining

Kimberley K (jp) wrote: This is a great movie, but it offered so much detail about her early life and then sped through and skipped her later years. Overall, I really enjoyed it but wish it had more of a comprehensive timeline.

Mary Jo B (jp) wrote: a great sequel toDisney's herbie ,, what I want to know is what took Disney so long ,, I love that little bug lol

Terror A (fr) wrote: After watching this film I still have no idea what the hell it is about but it did somewhat intrigued me. Courtney Cox-Arquette gives an adequate performance and the direction is visually great. While this film will confuse a lot of viewers (trust me my one of them) and there some aspects I still don't get, still I couldn't help but be interested and engaged by it. If you love a good mind fuck, then this may be for you.

WaiYen W (fr) wrote: ... one of my fave eastern european films. Set in World War II - Beautiful cinematography of a rural mountain village called Zelary, with a timeless storyline of how two different people connect with each one, in their own way. The contrast between Eliska/Hana, a city girl, educated and modern, and Joza, the simple gentle giant where the reality of his world dates back a century... i actually enjoyed the slow pace of the film as the cinematography was breath-taking, and the slow unfolding of the affection Joza had for Eliska/Hana was fitting personification of Joza's character. The final scenes of Eliska revisiting Zelary after the war were very touching, knowing that this simple mountain village left an indelible part in her heart...

DeadHead m (ru) wrote: O.k, this movie really stuck in my brain from my childhood. I first saw this on the USA networks old program "Saturday nightmare's" which aired before the infamous "UP All Night". This program introduced me too many classic Horror movies at the ripe 'ol age of 8. This is a classic, cheesy B-rated masterpiece from the 80's. Check it out!!

Alexandra L (gb) wrote: Superbe! Intressant! Exaltant! (...) La liste continue si on me laisse faire... Hanna Schygulla y est au sommet de son art et de sa beaut.

Joe A (kr) wrote: This is an absolute classic - one of those nostalgic British war films where everyone is terribly, terribly posh - stiff upper lips all around! It's elevated from similar films by a great performance by the lead - Kenneth More is brilliant as Douglas Bader. (Nigel Green is in it too! Yay!)

Lynda M (it) wrote: Obviously highly edited in what would be allowed under the a times immoral Chinese governement, yet is still one of the finest film to come out from under a red shadow.

MF J (ru) wrote: This film will fuck with your mind so much you'll probably have to watch it twice to truly understand what the heck is going on! Great thriller, beautifully shot.

Elena S (nl) wrote: dont watch for the story. , see the sky dive.

Christopher B (it) wrote: This wasn't awful. Pretty entertaining actually

Stefan G (es) wrote: As far as cinematic adaptations of comic book characters go, Superman comes across as a superhero who's only good in one film, but then slowly descends to the realm of bloated self-parody. Thankfully, in this film, he hasn't reached that point yet, but Superman II is ultimately inferior to its predecessor, primarily due to the fact that it seems like a campier rehash of that film. In all honesty, I think the plot suffered because the writers tried to focus on Superman's relationship with Lois Lane. At this point, I'm probably going to sound like the only person around here that doesn't care for that character, but I find Lois Lane to be a very bland character with little personality, and I can't escape the feeling that she only seems to be holding Superman back. The stupidest part of the plot is where Superman apparently relinquishes his powers so he could be with Lois. If you were a superhuman who could get whatever you wanted, shouldn't it stand to reason that you wouldn't have to sacrifice your powers just to spend time with the woman you loved? Whatever the intent was, it makes even less sense when Superman somehow gets his powers back, thereby undoing the point of having lost them to begin with. The characters themselves aren't too bad, but that's mainly because of their performances. The acting is pretty good, although it tend to run the risk of hamming it up on occasion. The special effects, once again, are really good, but unlike in its predecessor, it seems as though the special effects here haven't aged as well, mainly because the producers used the exact same approach. I've lost count of how many sequels have suffered purely because the producers committed the crime of wearing out the same approach repeatedly. Lastly, the fight scenes seem more like ridiculous slapstick than comic book action, not that it matters since they're all laden with CGI anyway. Though it's not a bad film by any means, it's not as good as people tend to think. It's essentially a mindless, repetitive follow-up to the original Superman film, but at the very least it's a competently made sequel.

SyL L (us) wrote: it feels so fresh and so "Sundance", kind of like 500 Days of Summer. I love the soundtrack.

Alejandro C (jp) wrote: Muy, muy tipica y predecible, pero tiene varios puntos que hacen que te rias, y eso se agradece mucho

Robert W (es) wrote: I've seen this a few times since it was released and it is always entertaining to watch two great actors! Good story and plenty of action.