Swinging at the Castle

Swinging at the Castle

Love triangle between Svante, his fiancee Inga and Sophie, a girl from a rich family.

Svante and Inga are engaged to be married and there doesn't seem to be very much stopping them: The only things are that Svante has some difficulty in selling his apartment (because the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zack S (fr) wrote: Not a single likeable character and does not feel at all realistic or interesting.

Gloria L (us) wrote: This movie was better than I thought it would be, but that's not saying it's a classic. It was visually appealing in spite of its low budget. The acting was a potpourri of good to really bad. There were the scantily-clad girls and a pan in to a pair of boobs, but that was to be expected. Never saw the shark walk or fly, just jump out of the water or flop on the shore. Nice to see Jerry Lacy (of DARK SHADOWS and PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM) in a small role.

Kate B (gb) wrote: Beautifully shot and a real unexpected tear jerker.

Elian D (es) wrote: It's well acted and it does try to say something, unfortunately it's not something interesting and its treatment is close to being the worst.The film relies again on pitting an atheist against a religious nut to try to drive its "point" across, which is not only lazy, but also counterproductive, as most religious people would agree that this guy is an a-hole (the atheist is also an a-hole, but the film piles up so many redeeming qualities that you can overlook that). And, for an atheist, the guy sure likes to speak about religion A LOT, especially when the situation doesn't even call for it.Whatever the theme a film wants to tackle, it is always the laziest way to get the worst example of what you're arguing against to make your point. Laziness can be forgivable on a "for fun" film, but not when the whole point of a film is to argue.But, you know, Liv Tyler's boobs.

Franky M (ag) wrote: all 3 stars for the visual. the story to be honest is shit. but every second of the film is one amazing snap. Mika Ninagawa surely know her tricks with the colour, graphic with the attitude, seductive images through the whole film!

Paige B (jp) wrote: I love this movie, a lot. It was the best random movie rental without knowing a thing about the movie I've ever made.

Zahra R (us) wrote: I love the story. Love and dedication comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, and in places. its not a crime to leave a lavish lifestyle for home!!!! I would do that in a heart beat!

Dustin J (nl) wrote: It's a lil corny, but overall I liked it and found it very entertaining.

Darwin K (jp) wrote: Ali is truly the greatest of all time. very engaging persona.

Paul N (ca) wrote: Amusing, pisstaking, ramshackle fun, till a dodgy, wrongheaded third act plot turn spoils the party.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: School spirit at Crippen High has never been this dead. A movie crew fakes their own grisly murders where they are filming a horror movie in a closed high school that was the scene of several unsolved murders in 1981. Watchable horror that is moderately successful at adding humour. Notable perhaps for a decent box cover and for the small role for George Clooney.

Jason D (jp) wrote: Determined as hell to keep Survivor's Eye of the Tiger still in the minds of people everywhere in the 80's, someone must've concocted the idea of making a movie entitled Eye of the Tiger which has ZERO meaning towards the film, yet they are able to use the Survivor song as many times as they want to within it. Disregarding this potential and retarded fact, the movie itself is actually a decent watch. Gary Busey plays Buck, a former Vietnam vet/prison inmate who has finally been released and heads back to his town home town to be with his wife and 3-year-old daughter (hmm, not sure how that happens since he serves 10 years in maximum security). Buck soon realizes that the town is overrun with crazed motorcyclists who run drugs throughout the surrounding desert borders. To make matters worse, the Sheriff (Seymour Cassel in a rather villainous role) helps the bikers and takes bribes. When Buck chases them off before they can rape a girl, the gang sets their sights on him and destroy his home and family, leaving him to seek vengeance, vigilante style! The movie is standard meat and potatoes action fare, and it pretty much gets the job done. Gary Busey is always fun to watch, as are Cassel and Yaphet Kotto who plays Busey's best friend. There's a lot of good material missing from this film, like the established bond Busey shares with a fellow released inmate or the incident that had Busey wrongfully sentences to jail, that I would have liked to have actually seen rather than been told. The action and violence is decent, though there are some surprises that I enjoyed and didn't see coming like a particularly bloody decapitation, or an interrogation involving dynamite, Vaseline, and the anus. All in all, Eye of the Tiger is a fairly good movie. I would have liked it to have a better name though.

Haytham K (es) wrote: Strange that this flick acquired a cult status. It has some nice atmosphere but that doesn't make up for the bad acting and the huge plot holes!

Peter B (mx) wrote: Ah yes, JCVD will always conjure up nostalgic memories of watching his flicks with the old man growing up. I will always have a soft spot for him, and enjoyed this so-so effort that I let off the hook for many of its assinine plot holes and oversights. Still a fun popcorn movie, and fans of him will definitely get a kick out of it. You must simply know what you're getting into. Anyone watching a DTV JCVD flick that don't...well you get what you deserve. Haha.

Michael D (es) wrote: A great one time must see. A nine year old boy who leaves life to chance, comes to a dilemma, where the only viable move is not to move. Great acting cimimatography and creative storytelling. Mr. Nobody will keep your eyes glued from the beginning, loose you for a bit, then reward you for sitting though 1.5 hours of mind bending story telling.Cool

John R (es) wrote: 150605: I could have gone without the dream sequence in the middle, or at least a shortened version of it. Otherwise, this is a fun movie. Found a new favourite in Gloria Grahame. Happy to have been here.

Spencer H (nl) wrote: Spielberg is a great director and he continues to make great movies like this.

Matthew H (it) wrote: "Kiss the Girls" is the first entry in the Alex Cross series, and the best one so far. But that's not saying much, with lackluster entries like "Along Came a Spider" and Tyler Perry's "Alex Cross" abomination. This movie has some build up, not too many implausible moments, and great performances by Judd and Freeman. It's not cinematic art, but it's a good watch for a Friday night in the summer.