South Korean agents Ryu and Lee are tracking a female assassin from North Korea who has mysteriously disappeared. With new killings and the theft of a deadly bomb, time is running out to catch her.

North and South Korean superspys battle and fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Swiri torrent reviews

Crusader (es) wrote: Benedict Cumberbatch gives an amazing performance in this movie!

Fred O (fr) wrote: The end to the Ori story Ark :D

Tim B (gb) wrote: Hmm.... not incredibly bad, just odd (although that's not to say it was that good). For a film called "Jhoom" there were an awful lot of bad routines. The plot was lacking depth and the first half was pretty boring. The second half was predictable, but at least it was a bit more interesting than the first half. The characters were all dressed op-shop style (which is fine, but not if you're playing successful desis in London). I have to say this is the first film I've actually liked Preity Zinta in, but the usually adequate Abhishek Bachchan was just painful ("So I met her in Paris..." WE DON'T CARE!). One important thing to come out of this film was the revelation that Amitabh Bachchan is apparently not aging gracefully; of all the bad dance moves in this film, why did he get the worst? More to the point, why did he accept them? Odd.

Axel R (br) wrote: I discovered Pratchett thanks to this movie, just for that it deserved 5 stars.

Mark N (us) wrote: Incredibly bland and forgettable zombie movie. In a world of re-invented genres and new takes on the old this movie really fails to do anything new or remarkable. A mere month after watching and i struggle to recall a single scene or plot point, let alone a character.

Richard G (gb) wrote: In recognition of me getting my 300th Facebook friend...I thought I'd try to watch this film again. Wow...2007...has it been that long since it came out?! It's a better film than I remembered...despite it's sepia-toned CGI. A testament to courage and holding to principle until the end.

bill s (de) wrote: The acting helps but the movie goes nowhere but in circles.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Jack G (br) wrote: mmm, underage sex...

Princess S (us) wrote: I like the name but the movie looks like it might be a bit hokey....

Martin T (mx) wrote: The acting and dialogue is terrible. The players are all non-actors, largely improvising their material, and it shows. One could argue that this film doesn't take sides, but that's only because there's no good side to take. The right are cartoonish overblown portrayals. The left are childish, arrogant obnoxious brats spewing meaningless pseudo-revolutionary pablum. A simplistic, paranoid, and didactic viewpoint. This doesn't inspire debate, it simply reinforces stereotypes.

Brian P (mx) wrote: I think what prevented this from being a higher rated movie was how the mysterious death of Bruce Lee was handled, or not handled, by the makers of this movie. I think they could have taken a shot at it. Otherwise, a very well done flick with solid acting and direction about one of the most fascinating people that ever walked the earth.

Ian C (es) wrote: This could have been an absolute stinker but due to the performances of Clement and Rockwell it is just about tolerable.