Oscar nominated short film from 1955

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Kirstie G (de) wrote: possibly the worst thing i've watched in a while, my mam walked out after the testicle cutting off bit...maybe i should have too?

DoL D (it) wrote: Starring Emily Osment :)and David Henrie This movie is too childish..

Mikael K (es) wrote: This is a very accomplished drama that avoids all the pitfalls commonly seen in these kinds of films. The cast works wonders, and the story is a very honest and suitably raw one, yet it's been nicely spiced with humor and cute irony.

Vickie L (ag) wrote: What looked to be a low-budget movie turned-out to be a very good, believable version of the apocalypse. 100 times better acting than in the Left Behind movies. Michael Biehn is always excellent, but the supporting cast is great also.

tyler d (es) wrote: this film is one of the most captivating films ever

Brandon W (br) wrote: When I was watching the beginning of Crimson Tide, I didn't understand why people liked it. It was dull and uninteresting besides the great acting. The effects outside the submarine are great, just not interesting. But when it gets to the middle with all heck breaks loose, it was very interesting to see where it's going. It also made me wonder how it's going to end even though history for it gives you the answer. It was very thought provoking and I really don't know who to side for as they give valid points. I thought there was going to be lots of action consider that it's directed by Tony Scott, but there are some action, and it is great to watch. Even stuff inside the submarine with the war between Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman is really interesting. Despite the flaws, Crimson Tide is a great submarine movie.

Frances H (us) wrote: Funny tongue-in-cheek movie, but perhaps it would have made a better episode of Tates From The Crypt,than a full length movie. Good cast.

Mayet A (fr) wrote: A classic fantasy film that doesnt really rely on special effects, but it gets the point accross nonetheless

Akramul i (ca) wrote: Nicolas Ray and James Dean immortalise themselves with this relatable drama and isn't a coming of age story.