In a film based on actual events, teenagers Nathan Leopold Jr. (Craig Chester) and Richard Loeb (Daniel Schlachet) share a dangerous sexual bond and an amoral outlook on life. They spend afternoons breaking into storefronts and engaging in petty crimes, until the calculating Nathan ups the ante by kidnapping, and murdering, a young boy. When the body is found, all evidence leads to Nathan and Richard, whose strange relationship makes the case one of the most talked-about trials of the 1920s.

The true story of gay lovers, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold Jr. who kidnapped and murdered a child in the early 1920s for kicks. The plot covers the months before the crime, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Atlante G (es) wrote: The acting is great and the movie had potential. Unfortunately, it was a story that was too confusing. There are too many dots to connect, and sometimes you don't even know if they lead to anything. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to understanding the development of the plot that later on lead to a predictable and somewhat confusing ending.

Jan N (fr) wrote: Am I the only one to consider this movie quite Lynchian? Fascination with video-art, psychosis, and Denis Hooper - Blue Velvet's Frank Booth, spirit of the '90, altogether quite theatrical? Maybe I'm just a Lynch freak and everything looks like his work to me. And the idea from Vertigo, some psychoanalysis(As Slavoy Zizek extended Donald Rumsfeld's famous quote: There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know. But there are unknown knowns, these are the things that we don't know, that we know. This is subconsciousness). Quite underrated, but it could be way better.

Kadeshia C (it) wrote: ~ my favorite movie ? ~

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Another Horror Comedy version of Chucky, however this one loses a bit of its originality due to a more Hollywood premise. Although the film is rather entertaining, and has more humour than Bride of Chucky, I feel that it loses its spooky premise.

Brittney P (nl) wrote: This movie is definatley a 5 star movie with a 5 star cast. It did not recieve the excellent media attention it derserves, but maybe one day it will be re-released to theaters all over the world.

Dave A (kr) wrote: Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross is a good fit. Morgan Freeman is a talented, engaging performer. He and Ashley Judd make a good pair here. Casanova and Rudolph are a sharp pair of rogues. Unfortunately, the reveal is a bit stale and clichd.

Eber N (mx) wrote: Another brilliant movie that marked my childhood, with "Ghostbusters" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", I have very good memories of this I made it go very well every time I saw it on video, I was excited and I was captivated with its musical numbers, the magical powers that made move objects or transported anywhere in the world on a bed, outdated worthy of Academy Award special effects and tender and funny story full of sweet and happy moments that touched the heart and I plunged into the world of dreams, laughter, music and magic.I still really enjoy driving her to see on DVD and making me remember those wonderful years when he was very young and enjoyed, for me the best moment of the whole movie is and will remain the Battle of living armor fighting German soldiers the soccer game with animals was fine but the armor will fight is the one I like best of all, still excites me and fun when I see again that sequence makes me feel as if I still had six years I hope that there are still parents in the world who put their children this jewel of children's films instead of wasting time and lives with bullshit Shin-Chan, so let ponedles this movie that is sure most kids enjoy a weekend with this wonder, if you will not regret !.

Cody H (fr) wrote: Disturbing... I loved it! The movie kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for more!

Steve T (ru) wrote: How do you respond to millions of angry trekkies embittered at you killing off the quintessential character? Come up with an elaborate scheme to "resurrect him." Supposedly this was planned, but I have always suspected that Nimoy wanted to switch completely to directing and that this rewrite treatment was last-minute before shooting. Makes sense since the franchise was at risk due to the previously stated nerd rage. And trust me, you do not want to be on the business end of nerd rage. I'd rather be dropped into a furry costume Katy Perry show dressed as a shark doing the robot. Cast includes Jim from Taxi who makes for a horrible Klingon (i.e the opposite of Plummer!) A Saavik replacement who WAS NOT HOT 1982 KIRSTIE ALLEY WITH SEXY VULCAN EARS! Kirk's son - the doppleganger of the Greatest American Hero bought it! And we finally learn that Dame Judith Anderson can transform minds from one body to another. Yeah, this movie has a lot of Vulcan woo-woo for a planetary race of species built on reason and logic.

Terry T (es) wrote: I Loved this Movie-Has a lot of stars--Teresa Palmer was awesome and Gorgeous and Dan Fogler Was Hilarious!!

Chris B (jp) wrote: Excellent film, read all the book after watching this and then the spin off 3 Ellie Chronicles afterwards!