Sword Of Vengeance

Sword Of Vengeance

From the creator of ';Hammer of the Gods';, starring Stanley Weber (Borgia) and Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle), the subjects of a ruthless tyrant';s oppression discover an unlikely freedom fighter whose code of honor demands bloody retribution . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ag) wrote: At best, its about on par with the second one.

Cheryl T (de) wrote: Not the best acting mostly for the teens but not the greatest story either.

Lucas M (es) wrote: Will Ferrell talking Spanish in a full non-English language movie?! I need see this!

Leo L (es) wrote: An acceptable story plot that follows a losing team's effort in trying to save their beloved football club. Comprised mostly of inexperience, they strive to win every game that will enable them to win the championship prize even if they must set aside their differences. Great cast- Arshad Warsi, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, and Boman Irani. Worthy!

Kat K (au) wrote: CHAK DE! INDIA (2007) - As a rule, I'm NOT a fan of sports films. Only watched this because of SRK. But have to say it was generally pretty good. I did find some of the game sequences in the second half to be kind of drawn out. Not the typical Bollywood film - no song and dance numbers though the music was good and SRK is listed as one of the playback singers on this one. As for the man himself...YUM!! LOVE THE SCRUFF!! And he always looks FABulous in a white shirt.

Owen C (us) wrote: I don't care what you loser critics say, this movie was funny. What you gotta do is watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is. Zone out from all the bugs and little mistakes, watch them as a whole. Transformers...people love it for the action and all the rest. You only hate them because they are the same thing. But really they aren't. You really gotta just simply enjoy them for what they are. You train yourself to look for the shit in movies, you are going to have a sad movie life. Let's say you like action movies...you watch something like London Has Fallen...you watch it and love it because of the action and the story. You don't look for the tiny little missed things here and there or the small mistakes that it makes. The only exceptional thing would be if it's just obvious, like the poor acting of Anakin Skywalker. Just enjoy the fricken movies. I hate critics so fucking much!!

Jota B (it) wrote: The only part of this movie that I don't like is that it exists.

Taylor B (us) wrote: Violence, however stylized, doesn't do it for me. As such, this was a very difficult film just to get through.

Rebecca E (it) wrote: OH this movie! I finally found it. I would think of this from time to time and could never find it. I couldnt remember who was in it or what it was called. I just remembered that I liked it.

Ash J (ru) wrote: Fairly boring family dramedy with no pulse whatsoever. I think Kirk Douglas fell asleep on camera once or twice it was so dull.

sara f (au) wrote: It was just okay for me..

Natalia C (nl) wrote: Acting: 10Script: 10Directing: 10Editing: 10Art: 10Music: 10Photography: 10anything else you want to know?

Wendy M (mx) wrote: This movie is so much fun. I love Johnny 5. He's such a cinnamon roll. If you don't like this movie your inner child is dead and I feel sad for you.

Jake P (gb) wrote: Cool, Isaac Hayes sends a lot of pimps and criminals to their graves.

Sam K (it) wrote: it wasnt too bad I thought it would be a lil better had the winning car of the 68 indy 500 just had to see it

Allan C (mx) wrote: Edgar G. Ulmer is an interesting director who toiled in mostly low budget genre pictures that ranged from brilliant to terrible. This one falls somewhere in between, telling the story of a police detective helping to clear the name of a singer headed to prison for murder. There are some nice little touches here and there, but it's really nothing all that original or special.

Katie R (ru) wrote: Before Douglas Sirk was making over the top melodramas, he made a few stylish thrillers. Lured was the best of them.

STCENTERPRISE (ag) wrote: Going My Way. 1944 film The film starts of with Bing Crosby doing things not typically associated with being a priest such as Baseball, jumping over bushes, load, good musical voice, hanging out with children, talking with an atheist, playing golf. Old fashioned vs. young. Bing Crosby is supposed to Straiten out Saint Dominic since the church is in trouble. Then they eat stolen turkeys. Love response Bing Crosby gives to boys who stole the turkeys and join me for Baseball games. Instead of put emotion in hands but put emotion in the voice. O'Malley take us to baseball game and not rat out kids for stealing turkeys. I love the body language of Bing Crosby and can automatically tell what he is thinking based on eyes, hands, facial expression. Started a boys choir out of all the boys who went to the Baseball game. A way to get the boys out of trouble. There is a big thing where body language is used in this film to emphasis and tell the story. I like how while Bing Crosby sings the song Going My Way to the young romantic couple all three actors express different emotions and expressions while Bing Crosby is singing rather than the same emotion. And even as the song continues their expressions change but nothing is said but it becomes obvious that their state of mind changes. Then there is fire at the church parish.45 years and church burns.

Jeff J (jp) wrote: Didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

Tony J (es) wrote: Pretty much a stupid, unfunny and sometimes disgusting movie that didn't need to be.