Rogue agent Gabriel Shear is determined to get his mitts on $9 billion stashed in a secret Drug Enforcement Administration account. He wants the cash to fight terrorism, but lacks the computer skills necessary to hack into the government mainframe. Enter Stanley Jobson, a n'er-do-well encryption expert who can log into anything.

There exists a world within our world, a world beneath what we call cyberspace. In that world, Stanley Jobson, a desperate computer expert, is hired to hack into a complicated computer system that contains mountains of government secrets, and money, and of course troubles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Swordfish torrent reviews

Chris T (nl) wrote: A good deal funnier than the prose suggests. Laugh out loud at times. See it !

Aaron C (es) wrote: fun romcom for disenchanted blokes with an affinity for He-Man, Captain America (& Captain Crunch). funny if you let it be, with a crazy bunch of friends.

Natalie P (ru) wrote: This horror movie was kinda like saw but with a twist. 5 guys are kidnapped and have to play games to save there life. After more and more pass one guys breaks free in an atempt to save him self and his sins. Unfortinally her dosnt know that his sins will haunt him forever. This movie is bassed on true stories. Not that much horror or gore but enought scard to keep you entertained. I really liked Michale Eklund her a great new actor who I can see going far.

Noah Abraham G (ru) wrote: An emotional tour-de-force and a visual masterpiece, "Waltz with Bashir" is a must-see for all serious film fans.

Michael K (mx) wrote: Good but too after-school, degrassi jr high, preachy to be anything more than that.

Mima M (nl) wrote: Blade Runner na korejski nacin... Da su likovi bolje obradjeni bilo bi simpa, ovako me je film samo umorio :/

Barbara J (gb) wrote: Entertaining enough, but pretty forgettable. I forgot I watched this years ago.

Greg W (gb) wrote: good version of this I saw in the theater and it was warmly received.

Melissa A (nl) wrote: Takes me back to the eastcoast for some early childhood memories. Good fun with good friends and family. Sweet movie about love and loyalty and sibling rivalry.

Henrik S (gb) wrote: A straight-forward film version of Dian Fossey's wife, which is entertaining and touching, as you might expect from a film about cute animals, who are at the same time the target of poaching and extincting. It is a shame that the film makers toned down the dark sides of Fossey's life, merely touching on her struggles with sickness and mental instability towards the end of her career. In the film, it looks as if her condition and struggles were merely a result of her experiences on the mountain ranges instead of suggesting that she might have been a tad instable or eccentric in the first place. I understand why the filmmakers chose to go down that road, but in the end, it makes the film much more one-dimensional and shallow than it could have been. All in all, the film celebrates the love for animals and the work with animals as well as the singular passion of an individual for his or her work but fails to depict the complex nature of her problems with the local people and government. Alas, what else can one expect from a film that is bound in its scope by a limited running time and box office expectations. It is still worth your time and the lead performances by Weaver and Brown and dedicated, warm and enthusiastic. H.

Brandon S (it) wrote: In this movie, Pee-wee Herman leaves one girl and falls in love with another one, and if you ask me, that's too much sophistication for a Pee-wee Herman movie. That's not even counting the big love scene where Pee-wee kisses the Italian acrobat beside the waterfall while her elephant takes a bath and the music swells to a series of roaring crescendos.Big Top Pee-wee is as guileless and cheerful as Pee-wee's first movie, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, but it's not as magical. It has too much plot, somehow, and not enough wide-eyed discovery in which everything is new to Pee-wee every moment of his life. He seems almost from Earth in this movie.The story finds Pee-wee living near a mean-minded small town where everybody is grumpy and selfish all day. Pee-wee's farm is out on the edge of town, where he has trained his horses and cows to sleep under the covers at night, and make their beds in the morning. And he has gone into partnership with Vance, the talking pig, to develop several new species of plants, including a giant cantaloupe and a tree that grows hot dogs.One day a giant storm comes along and blows a circus into town - a circus led by ringmaster Kris Kristofferson and his miniature wife (Susan Tyrrell, photographed to look two inches high). The circus has spirit but not much luck, and engagements are so hard to come by that Kristofferson decides to settle his people on Pee-wee's farm while he searches for a new idea.As the movie opens, Pee-wee is engaged to the local schoolmarm (Penelope Ann Miller), even though she always makes egg salad sandwiches for his lunch. But it's love at first sight after he sees Gina (Valeria Golino), the beautiful Italian acrobat, and that leads to the big romantic scene with the waterfall and the elephant.Pee-wee Herman, created by Paul Reubens, is a character who deserves comparison with the great movie clowns of the past, from Chaplin's Tramp to Tati's Mr. Hulot. But I imagine that sometimes the character must seem confining to Reubens, who, after all, cannot be expected to chortle and flap his hands in the air for the rest of his career. Big Top Pee-wee perhaps represents an attempt to broaden Pee-wee's image, to make him seem marginally more human, but I'm not sure it's a good idea.In Pee-wee's Big Adventure and on the Pee-wee Herman television program, we can find a zany weirdness, a goofy, fantastic world in which clocks and chairs have minds of their own. With every step that Pee-wee takes out of that world and into the real one, he loses some of the wonder of his original inspiration. And although it is true that Big Top Pee-wee has the flimsiest and silliest of plots, even that much realism may be too much.If Pee-wee has problems with realism in this film, his co-stars have even more. Kristofferson, Miller, Golino and the others play "normal" characters, and none of them seem quite sure how to relate to whom, or what, Pee-wee has become. Kristofferson does the best job, with his matter-of-fact directness.But about all the townspeople - especially the grim grocer and the two old harpies who seem to be his only costumers? Why do they hate Pee-wee so much? How do they perceive him? Seriously questions like this have no place in a review of a Pee-wee movie, I know, but if Pee-wee is going to enter a version of the real world, then he'd better be ready to answer them.I don't know. Maybe I'm being too hard on Pee-wee. His work always possesses a certain happiness, an infectious silliness that makes you laugh at things because they go beyond the corny. Younger kids, I imagine, will enjoy Big Top Pee-wee for what it is, a fantasy with a happy ending. But Pee-wee's appeal up to now has transcended age groups, and his adult fans like him as much as the kids do. Maybe that's the paradox: If Pee-wee is actually doing a little growing up, maybe kids will relate to that better than disillusioned movie critics.

Greg C (gb) wrote: Freaking awesome so bad it is great, not to be missed for the bad movie buff. If you love Ed Wood films this is for you

Dave R (nl) wrote: a great film noir. one of the things that i love about this genre is it's exploration of human shortcomings and weaknesses - like moths to a flame the characters in these movies know they are flawed but can't help themselves.here lancaster plays a guy who loves a woman he knows he shouldn't but he can't help himself. as a result he gets himself and her in trouble. the ending of this movie is one the darkest i've seen in the genre.

Bradley P (jp) wrote: Cleanskin is a heavy handed, predictable, and inefficient effort in storytelling that moves along at a dragging pace that makes the film nearly unwatchable apart from what is marketed as a Sean Bean film. The brief and intermittent scenes of Bean are the pinholes of enjoyment in a blanket covered in cow feces.

Derek B (es) wrote: Craig saves this one.